Your games ranking system is complete hot garbage


Hello other members of the community that is Overwatch. First let me start out by saying I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this game for a very long time now. It’s like an abusive spouse who you just can’t seem to bring yourself to step away from for whatever reasons you may have. Never the less I like playing the game with friends and having a fun time with the entire community regardless. I say it with the upmost love from the bottom of my heart that the competitive ranking system of this game is utter trash incarnated. On Xbox one I was ranked at the tail end of platinum (going on diamond) a few seasons ago but before that I played on PlayStation 4 a long while back during the competitive plays 3rd season. I had just gotten the game around Christmas and placed in silver because I was still learning the mechanics, roles, characters and so on. Here I come back to the game years later on ps4 for season 14 and I decide I wanna give ranked a shot once again. After winning a majority of my placements, to my and many others surprise, I am once again placed in silver. However, it’s even lower than I was originally placed to begin with. Now I know about as much about video game ranking systems as I do about rocket science (which is little to none at all) but I don’t find it over exaggerative to say you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize how unequivocally dumb, laughable, Silly and over all a flat out embarrassment to call a ranking system this is. Now I risk being chucked into bronze of all placements, as ludacris as that sounds, because I either have to carry an entire team of uncooperative, brain dead, sorry excuses for absolute dumb laboratory test monkey teammates who would have more luck trying to figure out how to wipe their own behinds after they deficate than pulling together to win a single round of competitive play on overwatch or i piss away what little sr I can even gain by attempting to be a sweaty, neck beard, mouth breathing try hard only to fail in the end no matter how I play the game because the ranking system decided since I was ranked in silver back during season 3 that I belong in silver for season 14 YEARS later. This game did not take into account my own individual efforts as a team player but instead decided since I lost a few placement matches that I deserved the ranking of a low silver. I’m sure anyone would find this as frustrating as I do if it has/had happened to them (and if so please feel free to share your experiences with me). Regardless of it all I will still continue to play with my friends and have fun in quick play or arcade whenever the game actually has some fun arcade games to play (maybe something like the uprising event because that was pretty fun right? Maybe even some permenant lucio ball too but I digress) and not give a crap about the rank the game decides I deserve but I don’t feel like I’m so alone when I say blizzard and the overwatch team needs to start taking some initiative and fix their game. Not just for my sake but for any and everyone dealing with issues similar to this. We all deserve to be ranked based not only one our skills as a cooperative team and how we perform together but individually by the skill we display by ourselves and the hard work we put in to push for a victory for our teams. And if I am alone in thinking this then this game and community might just be more far gone than I had assumed in the first place. And that would be a sad day indeed, never the less, have fun out there and let’s play some video games.


Nobody’s going to read that great big paragraph.

Can you break it up a bit so it’s easier to read?


There’s already a million posts about this. ResidentSleeper


tl dr

but the matchmaking/ranking system is not hot garbage. if anything it is too good.

you always get matched with players of your skill which means the game is always the same “hard”

it’s basically scaling difficulty, the better you are the harder it gets


In short I originally got the game on ps4 way back when during season 3 of comp when I was still a noob and didn’t know anything. I left for Xbox one. Playing that for a while I made my way up to higher plat. Things happened with my console so I came back to ps4 and decided to give comp a shot again for season 14 (current season) and despite winning a majority of my placements I was ranked even lower silver than my original placement for my last played season (season 3).


are you joking?

Theoretically, yes this is how it works Or should work.

But explain to me why some games I can feel like I contributed nothing and the game was a cakewalk, and the very next game I play my butt off and we get rolled?

I’ve had teammates get over 70 elims in a game before and we still lost handily, because everyone but them couldn’t do a thing against a much stronger enemy team.

He’d kill 4 or 5 of the enemy team and get killed, and the rest of us would lose the fight to the 1 or 2 remaining players.

If that’s what you call “evenly matched skill”, stop this planet so I can jump off


because humans are not robots and not everyone plays every map and hero same well, and every time of day the same and people might have lost a game before and are tilted
or the enemy/your team has someone toxic on it blowing your team morale

you can’t measure these things


I agree with what you’re saying about how not everyone plays everything the same and there is a scaling difficult and what not. I’m not saying I belong in some grand master rank but I can say my skills have developed much higher than that of a silver in my years of experience playing the game. So forgive me and I mean no offense but you can’t tell me that it isn’t broken when I can do well and carry but still be placed in silver all because I was silver before hand in a season of comp that happened years ago.


well all of that completely invalidates your previous statement that “all games are the same ‘hard’”

You know what else can’t be measured?

Players who were boosted.
Players who are throwing.
Players who have thrown games to get way below where they belong and are now thrashing my butt on their climb back up.

It all culminates in a big ugly mess in any given game, that to say “you’re always matched with and against equal skill” is a fool’s statement.


I can already tell you without reading this that your angry that you are not GM


make a team of 6. and play against another team of 6.

if youre not playing with a full team that youve built. then its not competitive.


Solo queue is a cruel mistress lol it’s unfortunate because me and some of my friends were diamond on Xbox and now I can’t play with all of them because they got placed in plat or gold and the sr difference won’t let us queue together.


well that’s probably because everyone else did the same

if you look at footage from 2 years ago of people in diamond and people in gold today, you’ probably couldn’t tell the difference


these are all factors that “average” out over more games, one game being unbalanced doesn’t mean overall the average games you play are all at your skill level

it’s like saying today it’s 10° C and the sun is shining, it can’t be winter

and what i was actually saying is not that you get matched with people of your exact skill level 100% of the time, what i meant was, if you improve and get better and climb from plat to masters, you won’t get into games stomping plats. you get into games with masters and your relative skill to teammates and enemy players is basically the same as in plat


I was placed in a match with a deranked player (Genji/McCree main) who boosted his teammate (a Mercy pocketing him).
Meanwhile I had to play with players that still had to finish their placement matches, all of them on my side (guess how much players care about comp and wins during placement matches).
Needless to say they stomped us pretty bad with the genji having multiple quad kills etc.
I’m not sure but the mercy damage boosting him should receive some heavy PBSR bonus as well…

So that’s a possible match up with the current matchmaker.
I can understand players that would leave such a match and rather take the 50 SR punishment.


On xbox I placed plat. Dropped to gold. Made it to masters next season. But it took like 100hours or something.

On pc I’m stuck in low diamond on this account while i have another mercy 1 trick in low masters at like lvl 30.

Basically the longer you wracked up low elo the harder it is to leave that elo.

Also some characters, like mercy, are at a disadvantage because you’re dependent on your teamates more than a 1v6 hero like widow, hanzo, tracer.

All using an xbox controller on PC btw.


I read the first 30 or so words and heres my answer.
You may have won most o f them but your stats were garbage.
The game thought you were getting carried, so u placed silver. Git gud


why did limited 1v1 arcade put me against a Master player…My account is ranked silver.


It’s not that you always get matched with players of your skill, so you can’t rank up.

It’s that the game tries so hard to make a 50% chance to win every match, by making up for YOU (if you’re one of the better players) by constantly sticking you with the worse players.

With that, you could be the highest MMR player available at that SR when the match is being made. Well, how do they make even teams? By sticking the lowest player on your team.

Pretty much, the better you play, the harder your matches are.

I feel that’s why i constantly hear people saying “WTF IS THIS INSANE GAME!” when they play with me and my duo partner. We seem to draw hard mode, with crazy enemy smurfs, or horrible teammates. It’s funny to hear people say that their games are usually not like that.

That’s the problem when you try so hard to force an “even match” every single time. People can’t rank up, except for the little bit or PBSR. So, they just keep getting harder games than that Torb main i see every so often who also has 50% win rate while seemingly being able to just stand around and hardly try all the time.

Well, you can’t stop trying to create even matches. From what i see, that’s the thing the game does very well. I almost always have tough, overtime matches.

To me, the answer is to give more PBSR. I’m not saying i’d suddenly rise to masters or anything. But 2800 or so felt right.

I think you reach a point where you’re a few hundred SR below where you belong, and it’s hard to do much about it when the game is designed for you to have a 50% chance to win each game.

Maybe a LITTLE more PBSR would get these people to their proper rank.


Keep in mind that as this game matures, so are the skills of players in general. A typical gold ranked player, for example, is more skillful than a typical gold ranked player many seasons ago.