Your Dog**** Game


Sorry for the poor minimum wage worker who gets this. Pass it on up to
your supervisor or wherever you can.

Dear Developers,
(if you can call yourselves that)

Now, Blizzard you royally ed up. This game is dog. Absolute dog****. You know, when OW2 first initially launched, I thought it was just a hard copy of OW1 and it basically is but somehow you managed to **** the game over more.

From the nerfs/buffs to new implementations, you guys made a semi fun game that I enjoyed playing with friends, to a cash grabbing piece of human ****. Yall removed the popular maps, added champs that are just OP as **** on release and removed the loot boxes entirely. That was what made the game semi fun. The fact that you could get a cool skin randomly from lootboxes was amazing. But **** that I guess. And I had a total of 150 unopened boxes that just disappeared overnight, with nothing to replace it, just gone.

On top of all of this bull**** you also implemented a toxic phone verification that only punishes the loyal players. Was in a game, people were being toxic which is no surprise, part of the fun, but at the end of the game I’m the one who got docked an endorsement level?? WHAT?? Stop being mother***ing snowflakes and just change it back. There’s always gonna be toxicity. It’s like trying to stop people from consuming alcohol. Yall gonna start a war with the most toxic fanbase ever. But the funny part is that’s where all your loyal fanbase is as well!

Yall couldn’t even launch the game right. There was no server room for anyone on launch (seems like an avoidable situation, but oh wait I forgot I’m talking about the cash-grabbing holes here). Took you forever to actually get into the game but that wasn’t even the fun part. Once you loaded in you were always at risk of the game crashing on you that would send you straight back to the back of the server line, to wait another 70 minutes just to realize how dog* this game really is. AND EVEN FURTHER…it wouldnt even force you to put the phone number in until you were COMPLETELY THROUGH THE SERVER LINE WHICH WOULD THEN FORCE A RESTART AND SEND YOU TO THE BACK OF THE LINE. I had to wait a total of 2 hours before I could even play the game once.

I had high hopes when you guys announced OW2. Those hopes were shattered like a thin layer of ice getting stepped on by a boot. I don’t even want to stick around to see how *** the Co-op Campaign mode is. I tried to stick around to see if yall would fix this but it seems clear where your priorities lie. I quit OW2 and I hope to god everyone else follows suit so their not wasting their precious time on this earth playing this absolute monstrosity of a ****show. Yall had your chance.

OW1 Veteran
Ex-OW2 player
Pissed off customer

P.S. Throwing me into multiple games where people left right before it was finished also pissed me off more than anything. AND IT COUNTS AS A LOSS ON YOUR RECORD!!! Like what in the actual ****?? I can’t even have a single night of it not doing this ****. Actually it’s more like I can’t go a single night without it doing this **** 10 times! I DON"T WANT TO FINISH A MATCH WITH 10 SECONDS LEFT…I can understand if its 4 minutes left, that’s fine. Someone leaves lets get someone to replace, BUT 10 SECONDS??? I would say fix your game but it just doesn’t look like any of yall are actually qualified to fix it. Much less run it. Just sell it to someone else. Maybe they can use the scraps yall left behind.