Your Comp Settings


What are your guys favorite control settings for Comp? Best DPI to play on.


Same as what I use in all modes?


I typically average at a 2.3 in-game sensitivity setting with a 1600 DPI for my mouse. I also have additional tips that I use myself to maximize the performance of my system in this guide:


I have a huge mouse pad (the entire desktop), and use 1600cpi/1 sens. Except on Winston where I have 2.5 sens.


I use 2000 dpi with 2 in-game sens for pretty much every hero.


3 sens, 400 dpi all heroes


800 dpi, 6 sens for all heroes, scped relative sens for widow and ana 38. 144 Hz monitor.


What? , omg thats insanely low.


I use 800/3.5

36 rel scoped sens

all black crosshairs


1800 DPI with 1.23 in game sens and (I think) 28 scoped sens. I use a 3 size yellow dot for heroes I flick with and a small yellow crosshair for tracking heroes + ashe (because for some reason flicking as her is really hard for me).
I have my control point and ally icon opacity on 20%


Slightly smaller than average crosshairs, bright pink. Friendlies in yellow like the healing effect and enemies in purple for contrast. They both pop out a little more against the red and blue of the barriers. 4750dpi, 1sens, 28cm wide mousemat, 24 long, double sided but I only really use the control edge. I used to flip using a DPI switch from 4750 to 5250 for tank play but now I’m trying to get used to using the one setting and arm aiming more. None of the characters I play use scopes and I’ve never on purpose killed someone as Widowmaker.


it takes a 3’ mousepad. My wingspan is long :wink:

Edit: Started thinking about this and went to 950 dpi, 3 sens.….much better. and much less mouse pad!


Similar actually =P 2.2 ingame and a 1600 DPI