You won't fix comp because you're greedy

Title got your attention? It should. Blizzard. You’re greedy here. We all know it.

I get MMR needs to place people of similar skills, but no matter how one does in a new season, you end up placing near what you finished in previous seasons. Everyone knows it and everyone thinks it is garbage. I have talked to so many people who bought several accounts so they could start fresh. All of them place higher on the secondary accounts.

So, you system is broken and you won’t fix it because it encourages people to purchase another copy of your game. Sure, nerf Bridgette. Sure do this, do that. Add open queue to comp, but don’t do anything about the system that places your skill in a level where you are not actually currently at because the system calculates things poorly. I started on this account with year 1. New game. New Learning. There was no comp. Then you added comp. Does this game really need to calculate all of my games and playing season after season and in QP for MMR or whatever?

Fix your broken system or the levels mean nothing. They are clown shoes. And that is why people are never going to take this game or the matchmaking as seriously as they should.

I WILL PAY YOU TO FIX THE SYSTEM. I am willing to pay for a better competitive experience. The one you have is garbage.

Speaking of garbage - when I post here I can only reply to one person at a time. Then it says “I need to wait for others to respond” before I CAN REPLY TO PEOPLE RESPONDING TO MY OWN POST.

I don’t know if that is dumber or the comp system really. It’s a toss up.

If you are so greedy, take my money to fix my comp. Let me pay you to make something good.


Yes because placement system is bad. Question is how long they can keep higher rank.


Just what Shadow said.

New accounts literally have no data to calculate from, knowing we currently have less placements for RQ it only makes it even worse.

System is forced to make a rough assumption and it’ll become more normal overtime. And sure enough if you play as many games as before, chance is that you’re somewhat at the same ranking.

Too bad we have players ruining matches with alt accounts because they’re placing where they’re not intended to place.

The system is actually really precise, it’s just that people don’t want to admit it is and that they’re that ranking. God people think too highly of themselves.

(Oh right i’ve also used alt accounts to test this theory, and damn i’m right)

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True but what I don’t understand is why do people always place higher? It would make more sense for the system to place you lower so you have to work for something.


uh… ok

the same “really precise” system that places GM players tryharding on a fresh alt in Plat. Got it

You know new accounts can’t place higher than Diamond correct?

See this is what i mean with alt accounts ruining it, the MMR system is literally not designed for alt accounts.

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Yeah… so?

What’s your point? That it’s not precise?

If it is then… why use this example?
This literally proves the use of alt accounts is not a good representation of showing what ranking “you actually are”


If it were precise, players on brand new accounts who are very highly skilled (or very low skilled) would be placed much closer to where they really belong, instead of Silver/Gold/Plat

I’m not arguing with you that alt accounts ruin matches, because I 100% agree with that.

Having more flexibility with first time placements would help this greatly, not taking into account players who deliberately throw or boost.

Well i guess that’s fair to change it up.
Though do you think users from the start instantly are as good as Masters?
Sure it might be there, not like i know everything. Though i find this game a little bit unique, so i think others don’t instantly are that good.

Maybe the devs think that, hence why the’ve done this.


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I think it all stems from the fact that when competitive first launched all the way back 4 years ago - there were no established GMs making new accounts, no boosting, no smurfing, no throwing - so they just designed it to start everyone at the median and work their way to where they belong.

Like you said - it was not designed for alt accounts - because at the time when it was designed - there weren’t any.

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Oh yes, its definitely not designed for that.

I could not disagree more with that assessment. The system is not at all accurate. Sure, I have yet to play the years on my new account that I did when I started but you assessment implies players cannot improve and that I am at the same level I was 4 years ago. If that is the case, you are right. If that is not the case, then I am right. Since people can and do improve, then I am thinking I am more on the side of being correct here.

Don’t know where you are from, but use a sports analogy. Sure past performance affects how they can draft new players, but their past performance for a new season doesn’t fully affect the performance of that new season. This is supposed to be e-sports, right?

Past performances in comp seasons should in no way affect the current performance. And anything you could possibly invent to justify that would just be inane and witless. But, I would love to hear why you think that should be the case and makes the system accurate.

We should all be allowed to place without the performance of the past season or seasons having less bearing on what we do this season.

Yeah, it IS too bad there are alt accounts people can buy for this purpose and for smurfing. It is almost as if my original assertion that Blizzard won’t do anything about it because they make more money is correct.

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That is not the case. You do not have any insight how many are palced higher and how many lower. You just have a biased view from forums or friends.

Edit: But ofcourse it could be that the system tries to be optimistic and place people slightly higher for motivation reasons or what ever. We don’t know but we also do not know if at all there is bias towards higher or not. I assume not as i do not think it makes any sense nor have i observed anything like that.

As much as I would call out a logical fallacy like the guy you replied to said, they are right. Smurfs routinely get higher in placements and climb faster on ladder. Look at the amount of smurfs in t500 most are higher than the players actual main. It is easier to climb and place on a smurf because your mmr isnt trashed by whatever stupid stuff you did in the first 100-150 levels.

No. First of all that are not smurfs, just alt’s. A smurf is intentionally kept in lower ranks than main to enjoy a godllike status. Quite pathetic if you ask me. But anyway…
What you did in the past has no influence. But it is true that there is a significant amount of smurfs running higher than main. It is a minority, but still significant. But it has a totally different reason and i experienced that myself.

The reason is simple: You care about your main and that makes people nervous. Fear of losing and dropping is bad. I actually learned that lesson when i played on an alt not having that pressure about my main.

When i discovered after a while that without that pressure i play better. Just accepting the lose and go to the next try without looking at my sr. Then i tried to apply that to my main and guess what? I climed with my main even higher.

Edit: your statement implies an excuse. Excuse will hold you more back than anything else. Not only in OW.

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Alts smurfs, whatever it is, im no stranger to climbing ladder. But the fact is, regardless of mindset (which i totally agree with you on) you gain more sr when winning on an alt account because you made the account after already knowing the game, making your mmr higher. On your main account you have some 100 levels of being really bad before you settled into the game and started to perform. I make no excuses, i solo queued from Bronze to Plat on my only account, but with how mmr works, you will gain more and lose less sr on an alt account.

No, that is only true for a quite short period of time (actually time measured in games played).

Even though i have played on my alts only a little fraction of time compared to my main i gain an lose the exact same number of SR.

That wasn’t true for my first games. I cannot remember how long it took until my sr gains and loss become similar to my main but it wasn’t even half of a season.

Im not sure how it is for you, but most pro players use new accounts when pushing high ladder, it is just easier on your mmr when you are playing at your top skill level right from the get go.

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They do not use the new accounts because of the mmr. That is just your and some others misinterpretation of the facts.

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