You want to shorten DPS queue times?

Mei a tank

Sombra a support (healthpacks works kind of as healing + hack as support)

Sym a support (turrets slow down for ez kills, teleports works kind of like a speed boost and exists to support and her ult is more like a tank one anyway…)

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Even out the roles. There’s twice as many DPS heroes then other roles and constantly coming out with more DPS doesn’t help. Focus on other roles more.

Probably because you just want to shooty shoot…

Tank and healer are just seen as uncool, and no one can do anything to change that. It’s a stupid Stigma, but it still exists.

I mean
Mei just looks wrong as a tank, although i’m not too against it either

but sombra
Sombra just can’t be a support
Leaving healthpacks is such a lazy idea, and hacking allies sounds cool but then her “infiltrator” playstile and stealth become pretty much useless
Sombra support is not… sombra… anymore


You guys can have Doomfist and Sym too if you would like.

No DPS asked for Sym to be a DPS, no Support asked for Sym to be a DPS, it s just Blizz being selfish in this rework.

I mean, I did just make a post that makes it easy to buff BarrierTanks without causing balance issues.

✅ Alternate 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2


Sombra as a support sounds good at a glance because Sombra is very much a hybrid character–she’s in the dps slot, but mostly provides utility, not damage. And she was played as a support a while back.

But using anything in her kit to provide more actual healing goes against her identity.


Mei already is much more of a tank then let´s say Roadhog.

And no thanks we do not want this, I am already so sick of “tank players” that select Roadhog as second tank, after the other tank player has selected D.Va.

Stay and enjoy your long DPS Queue times, if you do not want to play a real tank, but only a quasi DPS tank and ruin the game for your whole team.

Only queue for tank if you are actually willing to play tank, and not a DPS with more HP.

What does my comment have to do with hog? Lul

Some heroes… cant fit the current roles. They must do what HotS did. Some heroes are supports some heroes are healers!! how hard is for them to understand that?

You say you do not like Mei as a tank, when in fact she is already at least 50% a tank, and Hog max 20% a tank.

The role distribution of Overwatch never made sense, especially when there still was attack and defense, but we still have this crossovers, where a hero fills multiple roles but actually is placed in the role he fills less (like Roadhog and Mei)

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Definitely not me. Moreover, Mei and sombra aren’t some huge popular hero population.

Make McCree a stun support or genji a deflecting tank and that will help move players.

Not…the most niche heroes of the history of the game

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Why do I feel like this guy deserves a medal? :medal_sports:

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Okay, but remove freeze or pierce on primary fire, add a healthbar to her cryo freeze and her ult. She’s already got CC for days and canc contest objective for free and then you’d give her a tank’s HP…

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I thought of the same thing last week when I (once again) looked at the roster. Mei could easily be a tank, I would even argue it fits her better (gotta make her a bit bigger, though). Not sure about Sombra as a support, though :penguin: Might have to change too much.

Who says I think she needs more health?

Mei is a better fracking tank than most of the actual tanks

I’m been saved by Mei walls so many times. Literally never been saved by a Hammond


if they want to reduce dps queue times they should focus on making tanks / supports roles feel less like a chore and more rewarding to play


DPS mains feel like they should win any 1v1 with support or tank heroes. They don’t understand that ALL heroes are DPS, just some have larger health pools and more utility.

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Might as well try this on experimental mode.
Is this not experimental mode is for? To experiment?

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