You wanna know why there is a support shortage?

DPS: Runs from heals when they spam “I NEED HEALING”
Support: Runs to save DPS but dies in the process.
Support: “But, I tried to heal you… and died trying to get to you”
Tank: Charges in with no heals. “HEAL DIFF”

Do better, y’all.


I sadly can confirm this has happened and it’s frustrating when I’m trying to teleport as Kiriko only for them to dash out of range.

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Everyone craps on support about positioning and taking cover but it also applies to dps and tank. I just cant outheal the damage sometimes. They just charge in at critical health expecting the heals to pad them out but there are 2 other teammates. Well at least I havent seen any heal diff in chat lately.

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For real… It’s so frustrating bc like we wanna heal them… but they make poor choices and can’t.


I dont mind that they make poor choices. I only get mad when they blame other people in the end. I can accept a “heal diff” if its valid and I agree I performed poorly. But when Im doing better than the enemy and they still say heal diff? I get angry.

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