You shouldn't get punished for disconnecting

Then dont play comp…


You still get punished in QP

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Nowhere near to the extent that comp gives you.

and if your internet is as bad as you make it out to be maybe you should be sorting your internet out instead of complaining to blizzard about their punishment methods.


you should be perma banned from comp after 3 dcs…bad internet or cutting the cable, doesnt matter


You get punished in qp after leaving like 30 games in a week…if your internet connection is that awful overwatch isn’t the game for you.

Thats TOO harsh


How many times do you have to DC in Comp in order to get suspended?

I think the penalties are a bit too harsh, I think they should change it so

  • No SR penalty if you leave early enough to cancel the match (But it still counts towards suspensions)

  • Gain SR if your team still wins after you leave the match

  • First time you leave in a season you only lose the standard 20-30 SR instead of 50

  • Up the time to rejoin the match by a minute or so

Also, the game doesn’t need to great of a connection speed to run. If your connection goes out you can turn on a mobile hotspot and play out the rest of the match using less than 100 megabytes of data


You get a 10 minute suspension the first time you DC in a season, never happened to me more times than that so I’m not sure

lol what
You left your team, they had to work harder to win and you should get rewarded?

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Players who continue to attempt to queue for Competitive games with a known connection issue are just as guilty as player who deliberately leave games. All players are responsible for their own internet connections. Yes there can be unexpected malfunctions that can happen to anyone at any time, but that is why the starting penalty is only 10 minutes.

If you encounter a technical malfunction the best course of action is to stop attempting to queue for Competitive games and immediately begin any troubleshooting. Advice and troubleshooting guides is available in the technical support forum. All penalties cannot be reversed by Blizzard.


It’s not their problem if your internet is bad.

I hate to say this but these are earned punishments.

sometimes its a blizzard server problem

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How ignorant and selfish can you be? When you disconnect intentionally or unintentionally you put your team, mostly full of random people trying to enjoy the game into a losing situation, probably making them lose hard earned sr. And now here you are having the entitlement of thinking that just because you left, that you shouldn’t be punished. Your bad internet is your fault.

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Always play comp with a backup internet connection plan when u know your internet will randomly disconnect.

Otherwise, stop making bad comp environment even worse by your “participation”.

Why not get into contact with your ISP sbout DCs?

Invest in a UPS if don’t have one. Try to write down when the disconnects happen. See if there is a pattern. If there is…do not play during that time slot.

Until they can reliably determine that a disconnect was out of your control we’ll have to settle with the current system.

I mean. They Can be reversed by blizzard.

But they won’t…

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