You should be concerned about the Widow nerf


Brigitte is nerfed? And wont nerfing her further just be dive meta? How are you gonna keep Widow alive then?


You don’t get the point. Widow shouldn’t be nerfed at all.


Every single game is either a widow and hanzo 1 trick or just a widow 1 trick. It is kind of weird, to me, that some heroes have one shot mechanics and others do not. I would rather see one shot mechanics go away. I know this comment will bring out toxic trolls in response, but whatever. No one is happy with anything anyone ever says, ever.


Her being buffed in the first place was the shortsightedness. Widow struggled in Dive, the worst possible meta for her, and the change was made to make her resistant to dive heroes, which she really shouldn’t be. The buff adapted her to be viable in a meta rooted against her, and now that it’s gone, her mobility is too much.
I agree that it’s Brigitte and Hanzo who are really pushing this meta though.


How can Widow only be good because Dive was good when she was good even during Dive?

Maybe the problem is simply that Widowmaker is too hard to Dive.



They should properly nerf Hanzo, who the hero which is enabling Widowmaker to be picked more. Hanzo melts dive and is basically god-tier, he destroys any counter to Widow.

I feel like Blizzard doesn’t even play their own game or pay attention.


exactly, blizz created this situation


But Widow was used infrequently during dive. She was still kept at check by her counters even with Moth involved.


Blizzard Dev 1: “Damn, Widow’s OP, how do we deal with this?”

Blizzard Dev 2: “Observe her counters and why they are finding difficulty dealing with her?”

Blizzard Dev 1: “Nah, let’s just create a hero whose sole purpose is to completely counter snipers!”

Announcing the Nigerian, transgender, pansexual, Spider-Stomper!


That is not voiced by Terry Crews :frowning:


Except Widowmaker was the second most used DPS after Tracer, even before Brig was released. Dive absolutely didn’t keep her in line.


widow needs a nerf that isnt grappling hook or venom mine, she really just needs an ult to primary fire


You dark wizard, stop resurrecting.


But only widow threads get revived lately :smiley: and i thought she is already half dead.


no we need her 99% dead, hope she never gets rezzed


Stop reviving these old threads already…


these widow haters :laughing:


Hahaha the forums actually got Widow nerfed again. I don’t play Widow so I just find it hilarious.


It a nerco thread from 10 months ago


That’s what happens when you don’t read properly lol