You paid for the game. Play what you wanna play


That’s one of the problems with Comp mode. Blizz was not good at telling people basics before they start playing game. On one side they keep talking about one trickers and promise solve the issue, on other side we have people like topic starter who don’t even understand the value and goal of comp where first thing you should care about is the composition. If you don’t have it you severely damage the team. And composition almost always beats skills of playing specific hero (taking that both teams are equal). Not sure if he/she is a troll or just dumb. I suppose the former.


Blizz actually misses great opportunity of making huge $. What if DPS picks are going to be auctioned every time? So higher bidder would get the pick but also have to pay real $ for it? :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S. And to the dumb-dumber who paid for the game. I paid for 4 accounts and 2 of them were at full price. So I have all rights to pick your hero in every game I see you. Thank you!


Bout a month or 2 ago I would have came in here spitting salt at you like everyone else, but clearly this is how blizzard designed their game to be played because they refuse to do anything about anything.

So, might as well play for yourself and enjoy the game.


We could use more than two slots to use to avoid players like him…


i disagree with this entitlement when you buy an online team based game that means certain things are expected of you and if you dont have any intentions of fullfilling them dont buy dont play because you will get crap for it and unfortunately youre asking for it play what you want but if that isn’t helping you need to switch but many who buy this game dont understand that and THAT is the huge problem with this game’s playerbase


no, but you usually can communicate and find a way you won’t get forced to play the things you don’t like, or piss off the rest of your team.

it’s not just one or the other (unless you’re a symm/bastion/torb one trick)


Oh sure play whatever you want! In Quick Play.


In quickplay this is a big yes. In comp it is a hard no. Quickplay is meant for fun and learning new heroes. Comp is where you play to win and work together as a team towards a common goal. Wanna run attack Torb in QP? Go for it, have some fun and we can have a laugh nano-boosting the ulting Torb. Wanna do it in comp? Buddy you will get reported till the end of the earth if you don’t switch and work with the team, which is deserved.


Not switching is not reportable. Stop false reporting.


Stop throwing the game by playing attack Torb and not switching. The game is about switching and working as a team to outplay the other. If you do not switch off a hero that is not needed or helping then you are the problem. And this applies to any hero, if you are playing Pharah against double hitscan and a zen then switch off. Play attack Torb if you want, but if it doesn’t work and you persist on playing a useless hero then you are ruining the game for your team.


If you’re trying and not afking or putting your turret in spawn etc, you’re not throwing and still can’t be punished , if you’re salty over others picks remember they paid the same amount as you to enjoy this game :slight_smile:


Do that in qp all you want, but if you’re going to play comp then at the very least don’t be a sh!tty person and switch, if you don’t want to improve yourself then don’t play ranked. I’m not saying they can’t enjoy the game, just enjoy it in an appropriate setting. Again, I’m fine with an attack torb, but if it doesn’t work switch. Same with Pharah or Genji or any other hero.


Playing off-meta isn’t throwing. Again, stop false reporting.


Also , if you dislike picks of others often then there are ways to group up with other players to avoid that , so utilize the tools given to you , everyone has the same ability to find 5 other players if they have a problem with how some players play .


Buddy, I said it before and I’ll say it again. Play your attack torb or sym. But for the love of god, switch if it doesn’t work. I never said that I report these players myself, but I do think it is deserved because you should receive some form of punishment (be it a ban or SR loss)


I don’t have a problem with picks, I have a problem with people not switching when they are being countered or something isn’t working. It is a team game and in competitive you are expected to play to win and cooperate with the team. AGAIN, I am fine with any pick, so long as you switch when it does not work.


Your original post didn’t say you think they deserve to be reported, you just said they will be reported. So either you are false reporting, or you are encouraging false reporting. I am inclined to believe you do both since your definition of throwing is “not switching.”


If you do not switch off and stay on a hero that is not benefiting your team in anyway then you are the root cause of your lose. Morals or report definitions aside, you are a bad player and bad teammate if you do this. And objectively they will be reported, people are going to report them whether you like it or not. Or are you arguing that people who do this are really good teammates and deserve to be commended for being the reason for you teams lose? At the very least you have to admit that not switching is objectively bad


You’re not using “objectively” correctly.

I know that “realistically” my posts won’t stops someone from physically clicking “submit.” People reporting for reasons you listed are “objectively” submitting false reports.

I don’t need to argue about what is good or bad teammate, or what is good or bad for the game, because all that is subjective. Accepting reports for subjective reasons is opening the flood gate to abuse, that is why Blizz changed the report categories to try and control it.


I play Competitive to do my best and win. I play Quick Play to practice heroes without too much care for wins or losses.

Most people are playing Competitive to win and then have fun.