You know that DF wall damage bug with recall?

I just did FFA against a Tracer and I just about lost my mind now that I’m aware of the bug XD Every time I punched her she would recall after hitting the wall without taking wall damage.
for anyone that doesn’t know enemies that can go invincible like recall or wraith form can dodge wall slam damage from a DF punch by using it after they’ve hit the wall.

Tracer can blink out of perfect hooks, get used to her immunity to certain attacks.

i like playing doomfist against her…it’s a good practice to predict her movement, and practice my aim…
i had that happen before and i didnt really know it was a bug, i guess i just accepted it

In the PTR patch notes

Wait… you’ve already read that. That’s what you meant by your post isn’t it. nvm

Yeah it is, I was just saying now that I know it’s there I’ve noticed it happening more and more XD

How could You NOT be aware of the bug even without the patch notes?
You didn’t really consider it to be working as intended before right?

Moira can do that with fade too.