You guys need to stop doing Twitch-related drops


I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that drops aren’t instantaneous. Much like the owl tokens they take some time to roll out.


i waited 12 hours after the the 6 hours on the stream for the sprays


The problem with this is that with OWL we have all the time in the world to get new tokens if those get eaten up. These four sprays are only available for a few more days, and if they get eaten up and yu don’t watch another six hours, you’re out of luck. I talked to a Bliz GM, he said they have no way to verify what happens on Twitch. :frowning:


Double check that your account is linked. I got all the sprays yesterday.


When content is made available using means I do not have access to, they effectively don’t exist to me as products.


I am pretty sure my account is linked because I’ve watched a lot of OWL in the past. Or does it need to be linked ot that particular streamer?


It has been stated several times that the drops are not immediate. It was the middle of the next day before I got mine. There’s nothing wrong or buggy going on.


The speed that you will get them is different from OWL league, there is a delay on them by a few hours.


But why would they stop.

The whole point (aside from rising money for charity via twitch donations) is to boost the OW streamers on twitch and help them become bigger. Blizzard knows the OW twitch scene needs some help, with lots of long-time, big OW streamers quitting due to burn-out/frustration with balance etc.

It also helps with OW’s twitch numbers between OWL Stages 3 and 4.


It doesn’t have to be a particular streamer. As long as your twitch and blizzard accounts are linked everything should be fine.


Wait, do you mean you have to watch 6 hours total on any streamer or combination of streamers? I thought it had to be a six hour session all at once.


It takes a little bit, but you will get them. Just relax and keep checking. Also make sure you log out and back in every so often when you look just to refresh everything.

And it’s six cumulative hours, so you could watch 2 of one and 4 of another or any combination.


It’s total time, not in a single sitting.


Alright, thank you guys, I am very relieved now. Much obliged!


I’ll just leave this tid bit for those interested:

Join stream > mute > minimize > play Overwatch/whatever game you want to play

You don’t have to sit there and watch their content and listen to the same thank yous for 6 hours.


That is the easiest way to do it, I put it running on my ipad and let it sit and build up the time.


dude you’re doing it wrong, leave the stream on your second screen while playing or your phone while you’re afk


I’ve watched about 15 hours of charity streams and still haven’t got my drops, and I was watching day 1 and day 2.

Also I feel like I don’t get my OWL tokens a lot of times when watching games, which is pretty lame seeing as how the rewards are already so minimal.


Have you read this post by Tom?

Perhaps one of your problems can be solved in the F.A.Q.


I don’t care for the Twitch drops. That’s because A. I don’t care for Twitch at all (not a big watcher), A.2. I don’t have a Twitch account, and B. I don’t like linking accounts (got to make those companies work if they want more data on me!).