You gotta feel for mercy players

Why you link my thread here? ;-;

I made it mostly as a joke ;-;

My take, and I understand that I am just pissing downriver here…

A nerf to Mercy is a nerf to the team. It’s not so much the Mercy player that needs to adapt to the Mercy nerf but that the other 5 players need to adapt to the Mercy nerf. They need to play smarter Overwatch, use more cover, and stop playing stoopid.


Same dude you are quoting in literally the next statement. :joy: Shows how much you’ve read his stuff.

Hahahaah, nice try.

Calling people stupid, amazing rhetoric.

Why are you bringing it up then?

Nice try, thanks for making me laugh. Next time less insulting more actual research son.

A little bit ago this same person told me if Mercy puts their heal beam on you and turns around, it will cut off after 2 seconds as if you LoS your heal target. Not only do they not read, but they don’t even play Mercy, and are mostly here to instigate.

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Not really surprised to be honest. The Revert Cult generally is not one to listen to logic, data or generally common sense. Not really surprised that they think Mass Rez + 100HP AoE burst heal for Mercy and anyone alive on top of her rez-ing the dead is an amazing idea. And that the guy who made that idea thinks mechanical skill shouldn’t have any part at all when talking about balance. And I actually have it saved just in case because he loves to lie about what he has said and what he hasn’t.


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Except she was suggesting a 150 burst heals… You’re going to chat about reading when you got the numbers wrong lmfaooooo.

Sorry, this isn’t that deep.


I was more or less expecting you not to answer that but you’re extra so I flopped.

When you can’t tell the difference between 100 and 150 :face_with_monocle:

Actually thought you were talking about obstructing LoS by moving around a wall… Meh, I’m stupid.

800 hours on Mercy since season 3 and maintained GM on my main… Maybe don’t infer something like that because I made a mistake?

All of this was inferred from me making a mistake. I’m shook.

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You couldn’t be more wrong…

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My bad. And that’s even worse :rofl: Most broken idea if I’ve ever heard one.

Mass Resurrect was underpowered but giving it buffs will make it broken? Care to elaborate on why it will be broken?

Wait is anyone saying mass rez was underpowered? Because…it’s a resurect

Mass Res was under-powered, I’m done, was funny while it lasted but even my tolerance for absurdity has a limit. :rofl:

It was underpowered without invulnerability.

Clearly, you weren’t around for long enough to know how people were suggesting buffs for mass Resurrect left and right on the old forums. It was a nice conversation though. Peace.:v:t2:


To be fair, tripple tank with Ana was NUTS. It wasn’t as unhealthy as Mercy 2.0 was and in no way deserved the steep hit to Ana that happened, but it was still pretty unhealthy and needed to be addressed.

Mercy actually WAS indeed underpowered prior to getting invulnerability on Rez. She died when using it more often than McCree did when he was ulting and thats even his death rates before he got the increase to his damage ramp up. It was infact considered far more often than not to be throwing by using Mass Rez than to not use it.

Most of the suggestions revolved around putting a strong regen or some type of armor/shield on her so she’d be alive and not just get insta-picked when using Rez. Bliz put invulnerability on her and it was a good change but removed all counterplay besides kill Mercy before she has a chance to press Q, and that was wildly unhealthy but did not break her because she was still slightly underpowered.


Mercy has the lowest win rate of all supports across all ranks. Mercy has the fifth lowest win rate of all heroes.

The thing is, I don’t even care about that. She could be the worst hero in the game and I’d still play her. I’m frustrated that the developers don’t listen to the feedback proposed by the community, or by Mercy players. And instead only seem to care about her numbers. Valkyrie contradicts Mercy’s character design and is still somehow underpowered, Rez is an absolute mess in its current state, and she’s overall very frustrating to play as or against right now. She’s been absolutely gutted over the past year and the community is rightfully sick of it.


About which?
Being good? Cuz she is. You CAN be good without being overpowered.
Or about being fun? Cuz youd definition of fun isnt the only one. I still enjoy her. Went 7-2 last night alternating mostly between Lucio & Mercy. You just gotta use her where shes good now. Instead of one tricking her no matter what scenario.

Lol - this made me laugh - of course you do realize these things are done routinely by professional people with six figure plus incomes, own homes and have stable families as well?

Maybe you fall into this category and you’re trying to justified that it’s right?

That’s a fairly dismissive viewpoint.