You gotta feel for mercy players

Zen had burst healing with his ult, Lucio could burst AoE heal (relative to his normal healing).
She can, but doing so is often much less efficient than running away and supporting her team so they can peel for her.
Sure. That doesn’t mean she was the best or without downsides.
No, she’s the go to because of rez on E and valkyrie deleting her weaknesses.

True, but I can manage Brigitte. Hanzo just flat needs another nerf

This was nice to read OP. If another hero received a change that negatively impacted it’s playerbase, all I would do is feel for the players. I have no idea how people can be so cruel to Mercy mains. Mercy players are already dealing with a rework they didn’t ask for on top of 11+ nerfs they had no say in.

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Mercy is still a good pick, and just as boring as she has always been.

That’s great and all but have Mercy players been banned for picking Mercy?


I really don’t feel anything for the Revert cultist other than mild annoyance. They don’t speak for Mercy Players nor they represent all of us. I also find it hard to feel sympathy for the most popular character in the game that’s arguably one of the best characters to play for now 11 seasons.

Mercy is fun, Mercy is fine and balanced. You want a real victim to feel sympathy for? Try Symmetra.

:thinking: Hypocrite…


According to me noobster. I don’t claim to speak for anyone other than myself. You cultists however always use “We” or “Our” as if you somehow speak for all Mercy players. You don’t and stop pretending you do.

“We” is referring to those who want a revert (or rework. Most deluded people think mass resurrect with changes and a new e ability is a revert).

Why are you telling us then?

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Except almost every Revert Cultist thread has “Mercy mains have spoken, Mercy players have united” or something in a similar vein. You don’t represent all of us and you don’t speak for all of us. You represent a small loud minority among the Mercy players. So stop pretending like you speak for all of us because you don’t.

Because you are calling me a hypocrite? Do you even put any thought in what you write? :rofl:

I’d like you to find every mercy thread and link it so I can go through every single one and see whether you are telling the truth. Or maybe we can save some time; cut the bs.

Most do not do this. This is just grossly over-exaggerated.

You just had a b****-fit about how “revert cultists” don’t speak for everyone and then decide to voice your opinion as if it can be applied to everyone. Why are you voicing your opinion if you just said that you don’t speak for everyone? It’s stupid. :roll_eyes:

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By that token, d.Va shouldn’t be able to wipe an entire team with just a button press. By that same token, this game shouldn’t have Ultimate abilities, at all.


If you think I’m gonna waste my time doing that you are very very deluded :rofl: Also the burden of proof is on you since you are the one challenging my claim. Learn basic debate.

That’s some massive projection right there. :joy: I’m perfectly calm mate, Blizzard are balancing Mercy vs. the other supports properly. She got a nerf, everyone else got a buff. Things are moving in the right direction.

Nah, that’s what you guys do. I merely speak for myself.

Do you understand how democracy, forum or freedom of speech works? :rofl: I think you need to take some basic level of education in terms of how a forum, freedom of expression work. :rofl: Why am I voicing my opinion? Why not? Do I need to speak for everyone when voicing my opinion? You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, no offense. You don’t speak for everyone but merely for yourself but you don’t have a problem doing it so you just called yourself stupid. :rofl:

He said Resurrect cannot be compared to wiping ultimates :man_shrugging:

Yeah I think she’s super fun

Mercy really needs to be reworked again…

Well if some random a$$ pathetica is going to say that all Mercy revert threads act as if they speak for everyone, I am going to assume that they have the proof in hand to back it up. Guess not. There goes any point of further arguing such a ridiculous claim.

You sound like a hate mongrel. Why? You seem to think it’s alright to call people cultists…

4 weeks later…

She’s still a must pick because of Resurrect on E…

After you just pointed out that people don’t speak for everyone. :face_with_monocle:. Pointless, don’t you think?

Well, apparently you think it makes sense to voice your opinion after just venting about how “mercy cultists” don’t speak for everyone…

Can’t relate.

Because you just pointed out mere sentences before how pointless it is…

I don’t see people as objects…

What you said… I don’t have a problem with people voicing their opinion but apparently, that is pointless according to your words… I simply used your own words against you.

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I feel like I’m literally incapable of feeling for Mercy or her players…

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Like it never did before the rework?

They did before the rework.

And who cared about that? I don’t think anyone outside of Blizzard HQ did.

I think, aside from Mercy, the supports are actually in a pretty good place, right now. So far, Moira has been able to keep up with Mercy in a similar way as Ana used to do before the meta bullied her into unviability and Mercy eventually got buffed into omnipresence.

The problem is, and I’ve explained this before in a different thread, is that Jeff’s statement was open for interpretation, and quite a few (rework) suggestions for Mercy make good use of this fact.

If he wants to invalidate his position in this argument, that’s his decision.

If only you were hear when the big debate about the subject was happening XD.