You can't seriously say that this matchmaking is good

My last 10 games in competitive (plat) were 5 games where the enemy team were basically spawned camped, and the other 5 were where we were spawned camped. I think I’ve had one close game in 15 games or so that I would say was actually balanced well.

For a game that is built around PVP being its core thing, for the balance in the match making to be this bad is like going to the barber, and finding out he has nothing to cut your hair with, so he uses his teeth. I mean how can the devs sleep at night? Oh, that’s right, on a pile of Bobby’s money that is tainted and corrupted.


What rank? I cannot remember the last time I was held in spawn, im talking months… For you to have this happen 10x in a row seems… Unlikely lol

I said (plat), and I might have been exaggerating when I said 1 in 15, prob more like 3 in 15 felt balanced but still, holy Fs man.

It’s poo, still not harsh enough punishment for leaver’s either.

I still consider it a spawn camp when one team didn’t necessarily actually do that, but easily could have if they wanted.

They literally design this garbage in a vaccum… No real life idea how things work or what impact will be. Takes ages to have any sort of balance patches.

Solution. Dump this game and tank their ratings.