You broke the code transfer from other versions

When you changed the code structure of “is button held” and “color” in the Play/Create effect rules you also broke the ability to transfer code from other versions. Because when I paste code with the old version of “is button held” it says there is an error. And that means I will have to check my 10k lines of code and modify it manually so I can implement the new features you added. Please just make it so its compatible with the older code like you did when you changed how the code looked in the editor (the C++ code design update).


I also have this issue. This is incredibly inconvenient if this goes live. I have so many scripts that I cannot save them all as presets, so I save them as text files, but they now will not import if they use any of those conditions/effects.

Fixed it by changing stuff manually in notepad by replacing it with the new code but the game disconnects me from the server if I try to enter the workshop to edit the code if I have more than 20k. How am I suppose to edit and test the code if you disconnect me from the server every time?
They gave us an extra 10k of space but its unusable since their servers are so trash.

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Yeah, I know that I could do it that way, but it definitely should just translate it automatically like the old restructure update. As far as the new limits, I’m hoping that’s just a limitation of the smaller PTR servers, but who honestly knows? It’s all up in the air.

It ain’t. It does the same thing on live above 18k. I know because my 2 twin modes have sizes in between 16k and 18k. I can’t OPEN THE WORKSHOP while in game to edit the code. It just loses connection to the server every time.
Again, if the engineers are reading times (most likely not) then please do something and either make it so custom games are hosted on the client’s server (so it doesn’t lose connection) or just give a bigger portion of the server to the user. I cannot edit code, test code, or go above 20k. You gave us a 32k limit just to frick with us.

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Hi! I’m going to copy-paste a relevant comment I made over in another thread on the Workshop Discussion section.

There are some complications with the added support of Button Values and Color Values. For anything loaded internally within the game (codes, presets, etc.) we can do the script fixups internally, so everything remains backwards compatible. So if you normally operate using the saved presets or codes, you should be good and won’t need to do anything!

Unfortunately, the copy-paste text system was not backwards compatible with this fixup. So if you normally paste in text files, you’ll have to do some manual fixups yourself (e.g. Red -> Color(Red), Interact -> Button(Interact)). While this isn’t great, we’re hoping that the added flexibility and options will be well worth the minor, one-time, inconvenience for our text-based users. Our goal is never to break stuff if we can help it. But for this case, we’re hoping it’s ok for the greater good of Workshop.