You are ruining symmetra

Why blizzard why

Why do you have to make such huge changes

I spent 9 seasons of blood sweat and tears getting from bronze to grandmasters while using my favourite hero sym. I spent hours learning how to play her, watching guides and studying the best sym players

And now I have to learn her again because she is literally turning into a different hero

Who asked for her to be changed so she’s unrecognisable

Everyone said don’t make it like mercy because that change doesn’t her playstyle too much and you and it worse

Why can’t you for once actually listen


What am I to do I love sym but now I won’t even recognize her

All of my work has been for nothing


you say this as if you know more than the fact that her turrets are buffed, and that she’s in defense now, which is where she belonged after her first rework. She is in a horrible place right now, and someone with a pick-rate as low as hers needs a big change not some small piddly buff or small ability change.

edit: where is the ult change at i don’t see it on the main change post?

I was concerned about it also. But these changes are absolutely insane and honestly, real talk. I’m so hyped.

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It’s funny because her gun actually sounds amazing now, but I imagine Sym players are not happy because there is one very specific reason they chose Sym and it closely relates to the fact that she currently “tracks” people by keeping them on her screen, literally.

There’s already a They ruined Symmetra thread going on mate

Have hope, my friend.

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I’m fien with the gun change actually I think it’s op

But why the ult change like why

Welcome to the club.

~D.Va and Mercy mains


a lot of characters have had to deal with changes and it sounds like she is being improved so deal with it

and roadhog mains…

You didn’t have to completely relearn dva

Neither of those repairs were on the sameness level as syms

One of her ults is her e her shifts feel is different all aspects of her gun is reworked and the either ult is just gone

This has been the worse case to date

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erm… don’t think that’s true. people hate playing against her and with her most of the time. she definitely needed a change and a LOT of people have asked for changes to her. she needs a rework

As a fellow Sym main I am open to all changes except the new ult. The new ult sounds terrible.