Yo Brigitte players, stop scapegoating tracer


Sure after you nerf rein and zarya as she is stastistically worse than both


Give brigette its shield HP back.


Getting better on console almost requires a high sens. You’re the only one that can access your settings. That has nothing to do with Tracer.

Or we nerf something oppressive regardless of what data you can find.


seriously tracer is worse, i’ve never had a problem vs brig as a rein main, tracer drives me nuts…all this nerfing is getting out of control


My sensisitivity is near all the way. You still can’t turn near as fast and accurate as pc.

Also if you are going to use statistics as your point. You can’t cherry pick. I find d.va a lot easier to deal with then rein or zarya. They are far more oppressive especially together


Turn your aim smoothing down to 95.

You can turn around as quickly as pc and being accurate is a matter of you.

Zarya being oppressive depends entirely on you and your team. Rein is easy to deal with.


Even at full. You can’t turn as fast as mouse or track better. That’s just general knowledge of a controller being worse then a mouse for it. I play support so it’s rarely my problem. But more of a problem no one on my team could kill the tracer back in dive

They are all 3 subjective. I don’t think any of the 3 should be nerfed. I’m just saying either way isn’t a good reason to nerf d.va.