Yo Brigitte players, stop scapegoating tracer


You’re character is literally the easiest hero they have ever implemented. An Aoe stun that on release used to require no thinking whatsoever, now you have to consider shields and shield tanks. And it was like half the cooldown on release when it was now.

Your E literally requires no thinking at all. Press it on the nearest hero whether their low on health or not, because it heals AND overheals.

The whipshot is probably the only thing in her kit that requires skill to use.

Even her ult is just a better lucio barrier most of the time, it just ramps up instead of frontloads.

Tracer won’t be a problem for me.

You can play mei and one shot her, mcree and almost one shot her, or force her to recall. Genji combo her, ana sleep, melee, grenade, zenyatta discord two shot, lucio, Hog oneshot combo if you force recall, Symmetra orb her, etc.

She’s not the reason briggitte is getting nerfed, she’s getting nerfed because she is oppressive.


As harsh as these comments are, they’re true.


They just can’t fathom having to use skill to counter someone that has skill.


The irony…



I thought it was mostly Rein mains complaining about her? Just going from my experience, but I’ve seen a few Tracer mains complain about her though.


What irony? Maybe you should have used that 20 characters to actually elobrate your point instead of making some useless remark.


I’d rather fight Brig than Tracer if im completely honest…
Im a tank main btw.


Tracer really wasnt oppressive until you reached high masters/gm. Below that you can counter tracer with mcree without much difficulty. Above that they become realllly good


It is a single target stun. It is the only charge that works that way and is now glitchy.

The damage nerf is almost certainly to indirectly buff Tracer.


I rather fight a Brigitte as well being an Hog/Hammond main than Tracer. I guess it’s time to become even more of an ult bug now.


Let me make it clear then. Brigitte was added to the game because of how ‘‘oppressive’’ were all those characters with so much mobility, but instead of nerfing them, we got Brigitte. That’s the irony of the situation.


I don’t, I know that tracer at least requires skill to use so if they mess up it’s a kill, or I can use my own skill to overpower her.


Not really.


When Brigitte had aoe stun? Doy you even know what aoe is?

Basically all healing in this game is what you described


I would rather fight Brigitte than Tracer, and I’m a Sombra main. Hack sometimes breaks just because she blinked, it is very annoying.

But then I died much less to Tracer because I know how to stay away from Brigitte.

I guess expecting people to stay 6 meters away is just too much.


Bridgette is not that much better to fight as Sombra, she just holds click on you.


Oppressive to whom? To this forum? To reddit? because playing the game, I and the people I played with never found tracer to be oppressive. at one point when dive was prevalent yes there was a lot of outcry on the forums, but I’ve never seen it on reddit. Did pro players find her oppresive? Because I never heard of anything like that.


Are you forgetting Tracer hasn’t received any changes up to the bomb Nerf, so through out the entire time from release up to dive meta no changed at all but you know what did change Dva and Winston both got buffed. They were the only reason dive felt oppressive not Tracer.


It’s very fun to land a great hook on a Tracer than to have it break because of her blinking away. Great times


I don’t get sheild bashed because I hacked her. So long as I stayed more than 6 but less than 15m from her, I encountered no damage falloff.

It was not difficult.


UM no. Winston got buffed and hes fine. Dva got nerfed to the ground and she’s fine.