Yet ANOTHER indirect nerf to Pharah


After hearing about the various support changes coming to PTR, I am really annoyed and disheartened at hearing ANOTHER HUGE indirect nerf that’s going to affect Pharah.

It started with everyone around her getting buffs and reworks all the time, yet the literal last buff Pharah got was over a year and a half ago, in November 2016, and it was just to her hovering efficiency (a quality of life movement buff), then Hanzo getting faster arrow speed, then his storm bow shots instead of scatter, then the deadeye being mapwide, then the upcoming hitscan buffs to falloff damage (McCree can now two-tap a Pharah at his MAX range (think about that), not to mention Mei’s falloff removal and the addition of a new hitscan next Tuesday.

Now the newest indirect nerf that’s putting Pharah lower and lower in the ‘reason you should pick her’ category has just been announced…the nerf to Mercy’s healing. One of Pharah’s biggest issues is survivability. Due to the very nature of flying in the air, most of the healers don’t reach her, and NONE of her team’s shields/barriers do. Lucio healing, Lucio ult, Zen ult, Ana grenade, Brigitte passive healing, and Moira in general do not reach Pharah in the air to heal her when she’s played like she was intended to (airborne). That is why pharmercy is so prevalent, because it’s the only way for her to get reliable heals when being focused by double hitscan/sniper/zen who are in 99.9999999999999% of every match.

Now Mercy will be healing even less. Now they nerf the other reliable healer for Pharah, Brigitte. Now they buff Lucio and Moira who literally don’t reach Pharah. The pile of ‘why are you playing Pharah’ indirect nerfs is just growing over time. I am really disappointed in Blizz to have never even given me (or the community) a bluepost about Pharah’s survivability. I’m NOT even going to get into how her ultimate is the worst designed damage ult in the game, or why astronomically exponentially higher self harm compared to the few other self harmers in the game is so unfair and unfun

Let me set the record straight: I DONT like playing Pharah with a mercy attached to my hip. I do a lot of divebomb-ey stealthy stuff, and having a sparkling loud healer attached to me blows my cover every time.

Mercy is like one of two or three healers who can actually heal Pharah properly, and now she’s being nerfed and it’s just one of dozens of indirect nerfs to pharah that have been piling up over the last two years. Pharah has literally not been touched by devs in over 550 days, while (mostly) every one around her gets stronger.

I have Mercy main friends and I directly ask them not to pocket me, I do not support pharmercy. I support Mercy healing a Pharah when she’s low health though, there’s a difference in a Mercy taking care of her whole team and one who never touches the ground

I know Blizz has given up on Pharah, but at the very least, can the suicide queen get a new ulting voiceline where she just shouts “JUSTICE!” instead of “JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE” so that way, I won’t have to hear it cut off midway thru 95% of the time?


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