Yellow "Bob! Do something!" appears in chat


i was testing Ashe in PTR in a custom game.
after summoning B.O.B. and killing a brigitte with him, a yellow text appeared in the in-game chat client, saying “Bob! Do something”, visible for anyone - in both teams - in that match.
see video:


It happened to me as well while i havent used B.O.B.
I dont know why does it happen.

(Bill Warnecke) #3

Hey there, thanks for the report. Sorry for the confusion but this is fortunately not a bug. One of our live ops engineers was having fun with the release of Ashe on to PTR and sent this as a broadcast message. :wink:

We hope you’re enjoying Ashe & BOB! Cheers.


:smiley: Nice to have fun at work.
You all do a great job. And Ashe is awesome!


As someone who suffers from an auditory processing disorder, I am super dismayed that this isn’t a potential subtitling feature. I was really hoping it was. It would really help a lot of us out!


Hey, I have a suggestion putting the server broadcast into use, why not announce server maintenances on the broadcast so people are aware 15 mins before?
(like what WoW does)


Because OW has kinda rolling upgrades. They don‘t have regularly maintenance. Or have you ever been booted of a server because of this?


No but I’ve heard people say they have been disconnected during maintenance. There was that one time however where everyone got disconnected for the nano event. So if they know people will be disconnected for a upcoming patch they should announce it on the servers so people will know they shouldn’t que up competitive until the update is up.


As far as I know running games should not be disconnected normally. Maybe Bill can explain this for us. I am also very interested as an IT guy.


This would be a pretty funny feature, tbh. Could Bob type smack talk in the chat? Since we are treating him like a player, and all.


I actually saw this in WoW so I was wondering if y’all were having fun lol


Indeed, this is also what ARK and Maplestory 2 do. May as well make use of the broadcast feature to announce imminent downtimes.


kills mccree get a better hat noob”


Lol, had me confused, when I seen that text pop-up in custom games as well. Was funny at the time.