Years of waiting, Excluded from Tokens

Puerto Rico still can’t earn OWL Tokens by watching videos. USA citizenship, territory, same currency, etc.

So still wondering, what is still the non existent excuse?

According to the 2021 Promotion Rules you should be eligible.

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That’s all on Puerto Rico not the United States. I have similar problems for other contests/sweepstakes here in Quebec because we have different contest regulations than the entire rest of the country. The same is true of the territory of Puerto Rico and is thus excluded from a lot of things.

Where I can see list of “other countries where restricted or prohibited by law are not eligible for the Promotion”?
Or list of “most countries” where The Promotion is open and offered?

I am from Ukraine, and cant earn OWL tokens too.
Just watched OWL 2021 Experimental Card Tournament day1, followed instructions, but didnt earn tokens.

That is more or less a catchall line. I have seen some other users from Ukraine not successfully earning tokens, but some do. If you ever lived in the Crimea region, please double check your listed country of residency on

No, I live in another city.
Checked my acc

Country Ukraine

Ukranians apparently also struggle with watching the joe rogan podcast, I think its more a problem with your country…

Maybe You`re right. But I really want to see those lists of countries.

How is it on Puerto Rico and not on the US, some evidence? Do you personally know the guy that apparently said: nah. ?

Because Puerto Rico has it’s own laws regarding contests and sweepstakes.

Puerto Rico is regularly invalidated from participating in contests in the USA.

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Where is that shown though? Because unlike every single other country in the world, this case is different because of the unique status it has with the US. PR has its own government but in the end the ‘‘final say’’ is by the US, who controls basically everything. So just wondering if its just assumption, by comparing it to other countries, or if its in fact true.

Puerto Rico has always been excluded from receiving OWL tokens due to their own laws. It has been this way since the start of the Overwatch League.

alot of countries have very strict laws about prize giveaways because they get exploited by organised for crime money laundering.

Right, but Puerto Rico is part of the United States and, hopefully, soon their next state (along with DC).

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yeah but its still a massive task getting all the legal systems in alignment and could take time to sort it all out.

Tested and I gained 0 Tokens by watching the Contenders on YouTube with linked account. Watched over 2 hours, enough for 10 tokens.

You do NOT get Overwatch League tokens for watching Overwatch Contenders. Only Overwatch League broadcasts. You can earn up to 2 pre-selected Overwatch Contenders Home and Away skins by watching Overwatch Contenders Broadcasts, but ONLY if you watch on and NOT on the YouTube page itself. Details in my guide here:

Thanks this clears up some things, I will try contenders the right way and the League when its time. Extremely disappointed though because I just learned I missed the Bastion and Rein skins for March and both are my mains in their respective roles… I would have been ok with only getting Bastion one and not the rest. Would have been nice if they announced which countries got added before hand… This is so dumb…

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