Ye, Torb rework looks cool but the more important question is


…Did they remove the hammer? Or is it still here? Please, I need it in my life


Probably removed as it doesn’t serve a purpose anymore.

I swear, I will never touch him again when that happens, I love that thing too much!


The Hammer doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, if that bolded bit is anything to go by.


Overload also buffs the speed of his hammer still, so it’s still there.


Called it though. I knew they were going to make the original molten core an ability and make Brig the sole armorer to remove the armor stacking.


You can still see the hammer in the ui and it seems like its only use now is to repair the turret


Overload says it increases hammer speed by 30% sooooooo


but can we get a DBM for that ult? like GTFO or something LOL


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I’d say to make it so that you can repair the armor of teammates with the hammer, and/or add a small armor buff so like armor pack but you would hammer it into the teammate.


Overwatch 2.0. We’re slowly working towards all characters having their ults become abilties and their new ults be broke as shiii (exaggerated for the lulz please dont downvote me, oh wait, you can’t!!! Mwhahaha).


In path notes they say that hammer has the hitbox of normal melee. I really want to try it to finish enemies instead of reloading. Although is truebthat reloading is faster too