Y'all really like to underestimate Overwatch 2 huh?

This is also a dev team that had great success with the first part and instead striking while the iron was hot they let it fizzle out, released terrible hero’s that broke the game then forced a pro scene that continued to alienate their base.

Ya I think it’s safe to be cautious. It doesn’t help that this is the wealthiest label out there who is struggling with the basics.



Define “tons and tons.” We haven’t been given a firm number, so this is entirely speculative. We know of four or five maps for sure, and they’ve promised some additional, but who knows how many that will be?

This would be more meaningful if it wasn’t kinda par-for-the-course for games to release new game modes all the time in addition to significant expansions of modes whenever a new game or expansion comes out (as well as the fact that OW1 players will have access without paying a nickel… more on that later). Overwatch… has kind of done this, but for the most part we’ve been playing the same few modes for a while now, and many of the newer modes are time-gated to specific events. It’s not a “bad” addition, but it’s hard to look at “a new mode” and really chalk up lots of excitement for a brand new game from it.

Basically a skin… whoopee…

More speculation on “open world,” and beyond that, it’s poorly-founded speculation because to the extent that we have any information about the game, it seems to point more strongly toward a linear-driven story, not an open-world game. Moreover, much of what you describe here has been achieved by other games with a simple 2.0 Update or in an expansion, so I again don’t see this as being a strong selling point for a brand new game.

These are kind of redundant, so I’ll address them together. These are basically the only items that might justify OW2 as a legitimate sequel and not as a simple expansion… and I really stress “might,” because we know next to nothing about it aside some vague promises and one mission–and I’m not gonna lie, that mission really wasn’t too impressive. Was it awful? No, but I wouldn’t shell out 60 bucks for 15 hours of that. The lack of detail so far is what has many of us deeply concerned, particularly as many of the aspects which seem to be implemented to cultivate replayability (i.e. hero talents) are so-far shallow and overhyped. Are they neat? Sure… but are they worth a full, brand-new game? I, and many others, are extremely skeptical, particularly given how poorly Blizzard has been faring for a few years now.

What punts it even more into questionable territory is that the PvE is pretty much the only element that OW1 players won’t be getting… So, like, OW2 really is just the PvE. Push, new heroes, etc will be available for OW1, so that’s not really part of OW2, is it? It’s just an update coinciding with OW2’s release, which is an admittedly clever marketing strategy to make OW2 seem larger than what it is

Which is all to say, no, I don’t think we as a community are underestimating OW2 at all. I think it’s being given a very fair estimation, given what we know currently about the game and about Blizzard’s recent track record with, well, nearly every franchise including Overwatch. Could Blizzard surprise us? Yeah, it’s entirely possible, but as it stands, there’s not really any specific reason to believe that.


They’ve seemed to promise a great deal for Overwatch 2 but as for showing that great deal, well, not so much. That mixed with the fact that we haven’t had any notable news on it in nearly 15 months and the initial reveal immediately confused people in a number of ways leads to this, people not really knowing how to feel and how to view whatever “Overwatch 2” really is.

Just continuing to wait on Blizzcon, that’s what it all comes down to…

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I think someone will be very disappointed when OW2 comes out and that one won’t be me :hugs:


Its less about underestimating it and simply trying to tread the side of caution. Not trying to be sheep I guess so to speak. People can say whatever they want and some have history to back up their claims for trustworthiness.

However, situations change stuff comes up things change and suddenly the bright image you wanted to believe in was actually reduced. I’ve seen management figures foolishly believe that “Oh, yeah, we’ll be done in 6 months” and suddenly having never done the development themselves routinely ignore people saying these are the issues we are going to have its going to take longer and routinely keep ignoring it until they can’t ignore it any long and that’s when the push backs happens.

We want the world to be a bright and happy place, but reality is things do not always turn out as we like. Have fun imaging what it might be, but the more one inflates their imagination the harder it is to swallow or the more upset they are when its not as they envisioned.

Also, its to the point of why people say not to support pre-orders of things as you are being sold content on a promise, not as the end result. There are all sorts of examples out there of these type of games.

BioWare has launched to some less than grand titles like Anthem and Andromeda right after their big success with Mass Effect in the early 2010s. Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest in grandiose games and promises that had to be scaled back and launched so poorly on console for refunds and delisting of the game. Even right after the success of Witcher 3.


We don’t know how much will come.
What is known is: 1 new PvP mode, 4 new PvP maps, 1 new hero. (at least that’s the basis for PvP)
For PvE we only know of 4-player co-op story missions, hero missions on slightly modified PvP maps (similar to WoW World Quest) and a talent system in PvE. That is what we know and it can still be deleted. (A lead story designer is currently being sought, which suggests that OW2 is still very much in development and the trailers (with regard to gameplay) are a fake.)

It is better to start with little new content than to expect too much. OW2 would rather exceed the low expectations and be more happy than expecting too much and then being hugely disappointed. That is the problem with hypes, at some point the hype becomes bigger than the game itself and then the disappointment is great.

For my part, I remain realistic. I expect the quality of the PvE missions from the Archives event (I hope it gets better). approx. 5 new heroes, the new mode and the maps. And if you consider that everything regarding PvP also gets Overwatch as well as the engine update (hopefully optional) and on top of that both games use the same client that everything looks more like a DLC, which is marketed as a “new” game.
Anyway, I wouldn’t see OW2 as a sequel, but rather as a separate branch. Currently it is so that you only need OW2 for PvE and you can also play PvP with Overwatch. (Don’t forget crossplay)

I’m absolutely not interested in things like the graphics or the skins. I prefer the original graphics.
I still wonder where Reinhard stows his hair and beard when he’s on his helmet. And I don’t really like Mercy’s hairstyle either. (Luckily she has her right hairstyle in the trailer) The updated graphics engine (yes, it’s not a completely new engine) and the interface seem cold, sterile, repulsive to me.

Same as Overwatch 1 :o
The new looks are just skins basically and overwatch also have skins, the only major thing that makes them different is the pve

Some people are cautious about how well OW2 will do as an expansion/sequel. Others are just mindlessly hating on the concept of it because they haven’t found the effort to stop playing OW yet.

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Really now? Lets be realistic…

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I think this number always go up on forum for some reason.
Why people expect so many heroes, i actualy was thinking they had 5 heroes at works with echo for it base on what i remember. And i personaly dont expect more than this.

Depends who you ask, not everyone getting story mode as far as i understand. For example, mccree was supposed to doing “something else” and this is pure overwatch team that got back together story. So if you dont like heroes who are there, welp… you dont get story for favorite OW hero of your choice.

To be honest, i hope that if i dont buy OW2 i will not have to look at those. What they showed so far… welp, i prefere recolors tbh.
And those in general are just 31 skins tbh.

Upgrading engine does not equal its “brand new” one. It would be brand new if they would code it from start new. They were saying they upgrading the one they have already.

That dont sound real for OW2, wait for OW4 or something.

Because in general feel it looks like the same game for pvp side of things. Just new mode, and few maps and heroes. I mean, it would suck if they would just turn off servers and you start from nothing the same game.

Nah, mass effect 2 sounded better than OW2 sound so far.


10 would be the perfect number and a win for all 3 roles: 4 Tanks 4 Supports 2 Damage heroes.

Yeah some people understimate it but other are just tired of the waiting.

There are a lot of interesting things going on for OW2 but the problem is they would not show us anything…fingers crossed for the Blizzcon i guess…
I Hope they’ll release OW2 beta with all the new heroes after Blizzcon and postpone the PvE portion to the next year instead.

We don’t know if 8 is the final number.

I just hope it comes out sometime

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Let’s say that many people learned to keep their expectations low the hard way.

We would love to be positively surprised, but we definitely won’t count on it without a very good reason :wink:


I’m looking at a game they have been working on for 7 years. I’m looking at how they treated it for the last two years.

I wouldn’t expect anything from OW2. At all. Except for the balance clustertruck when they release all 6 heroes at once.


its not a sequel. they are making a pve spinoff, and dropping a bunch of dlc for Overwatch.

from what i know about push, if hammond and mei are in the game when that releases the mode is dead in the water.

The progression is not what you’re imagining. You’re gonna play through a series of setpieces and purchase upgrades at the end of each mission. At the end of the campaign you’ll receive currency/cosmetics contingent upon how well you do. I can guarantee you progress will not be saved between campaigns. You’ll start each one afresh. It’s just going to be set dressing for a cosmetic treadmill.

Everything you’ve mentioned here has been added to the game in some form via normal updates.

New maps, new modes, new heroes, new cosmetics, and PvE/story modes have all been added to the game since launch. Furthermore, everything you just mentioned, aside from the PvE/story modes, will be added to the base game for free. Only the PvE/story modes will require an additional purchase to access…

Which sounds like an expansion pack.

A large update that delivers a bunch of new stuff to an existing game, while adding story/PvE campaigns that must be purchased to play? Sounds a lot like Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, or Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, or Starcraft 2: Covert Ops. You know; expansion packs to the base game of Starcraft 2.

Overwatch 2 is not a separate game. It is all content that is being merged with the existing Overwatch we have now. It is, by definition, an expansion pack, or a DLC.

It’s not underestimating a patch to call it what it is: An expansion.


I played the PVE demo, I had a lot of fun and it felt different.

Truly I feel like people don’t want shared content. Also I am very sure balancing and the heroes themselves will be different in OW2. Such as Sym will be a DPS in OW1 but a support in OW2.

Lol, you have some very lofty ideas.

I’m going to bookmark this so I can see if your prediction is true.