Y'all are killin me


Firstly…Yeah fair enough lol

I mean…why are you wallriding towards a door in the first place if your not going through it? If its that big a problem jump once you reach the edge and chain your wall run.


Your hero also got a nerf, how are you happy with it –


i mean this in the nicest way but being a Lucio main and does not = being able to play Lucio at a high skill cap.

your rank doesn’t make me think you’ve mastered lucio.

thus you would like the changes as they would benefit you.


This is a nerf in every regard and you are not a real Lucio player if you are fine with these changes.


I felt like the buff was necessary because Lucio’s gameplay style is based around wallriding, but currently it’s extremely hard to get good at it. If you can’t wallride properly, you’ll never be a good Lucio.

I think this change was made so that more players would be able to pick him up without having to dedicate hours of wallride training in custom games etc.


where is the nerf???
(PS I know it has to do with the speed cap but to me the benefits outweigh that)


Widow’s entire gameplay is around landing shots, we should give her autoaim so people can pick her up without learning how to aim.


Forums like to be all doom and gloom. I’m not super happy about the speed nerf either, but after spending some time on the PTR, the new wall riding isn’t bad at all.

Sure its easier,but that is not a bad thing. it was hard becasue of how inconsistent it was with map geometry. they fixed a lot of that. its better now.

I am disappointed about the issues with skimming and i could care less about the lucio rollouts. they were fun to do but rarely applicable to actual games. Speed boost from leaping off walls is an important part of his kit as it makes lucio a good peeler. i don;t want to see that go away. but its too early to tell.


-you cant late jump and other fancy tech

-rollouts less effective due to speed decrease

-wall skimming worse
People and r/cow are angry that the skill CEILING was decreased. No one cares about the skill floor.


Yeah this change unlocks lucio for non hardcore lucio mains. The elitists can kick rocks :joy:

Also if genji can be head shot with deflect that has to be fixed


its not about it being a nerf or buff.

theyve made him potentially ridiculously hard to kill on some points.

probably buffed him for the lower end of the players.

nerfed him for the high end of players.

its everything a balance change shouldnt be.


There are additional patch notes with a nerf and now Lucio is able to wall ride in the most predictable way possible. If that isn’t a clever nerf on every aspect possible then I don’t know what is.


.5 m/s…
That is what the fuss was about…really???

also thank you for pointing this out to me because i found this also :rofl:



I just wanna do crazy rollouts and not infinitely rotate around poles, is that too much to ask?


Except that, the prediction is that a lot of Lucio players will start rotating around polls now all the time.

Which is like 'oh, this Lucio will continue going on circles and turn around this corner for the 2nd time. Which is the most logical solution to this as the enemy I am ? Shoot this predictable pattern he keeps doing. ’

This ‘buff’ will make a lot of Lucio players play straight dumb and predictable.


Then…don’t be dumb and predictable.

you can still hop between walls if you like.

you can still wall climb, jump climb between walls…heck you can still use your tanks to help you.

I imagine only the idiots would do what you’ve described…experienced lucios will use every advantage they can get


Damn dude, just tested it. I thought it was some simple wallride buff that made it a lil easier, but this just automatic.


They removed the benefit of wall skimming, it’s much more slow and clunky now.


This is the part where wall ride boost nerf kicks in.

I haven’t played on PTR yet to know exactly how much less he can do compared to before though . ( PTR keeps saying failing to connect, is it up even ? )


yes i tested it out on the new map.
(btw great lucio map!)

Its remarkably easy to chain wallrides together between buildings. event past the environmental hazards. (reminds me of eichenwald with the trees on the right side of the attackers spawn)