Xbox Series S and M&K

Well, the console is cheaper than the PC, that’s the only reason. I wouldn’t mind playing on a PC server with PC players when using the mouse and keyboard.

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Nor should they.

They :notes:want to be the very best, like no one ever was…DUN DUN DUN :notes:

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Thank you for the extended answer!
I hope someday this will be solved with a different server or a cross-platform with PC.

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As a console player, I’m hoping for crossplay, too. With the option to disable it by hardware, of course. I want to play with my PC buddies and cool OW pros, too : (

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Oh wow that is a cool webpage. Do you have a link to any more of those? It’s a shame so many posts were nuked from the old forums.

I am currently in a long-term project of rebuilding most of the developer posts from the old forums. I am still needing to restore responses specifically about mostly hero balance, lore, and non-game responses and this is a very long and difficult task. That being said I maintain a list of all developer posts here on the current forums:

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Wrong, xbox and PS both have native kb support as of 2018

They already support it now… That other poster was wrong

Well in any case, it shouldn’t be allowed in console Overwatch. Unfortunately, it can’t be reported and controller players have to live with the Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire’s, and Sammy Sosa’s of the gaming world.

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Have to disagree with that. They should do what paladins does and match you with people using the same input type regardless of platform

It doesn’t, but it should!

OP on what screen/monitor are you planning to play? I’m asking because if budget is a big constraint, then you probably won’t have/be able to get a display that can take advantage of the maximum capabilities of your Xbox Series S, which is supposedly up to 120FPS 1440p gaming.

If that’s true for you, then it would be preferable for you to build a low - range PC for around the same price… You don’t even have to assemble it yourself.

Is your ego so fragile you have to MnK on console? Play on a level playing field on PC. If you’re on console, play with the appropriate controller. Don’t give yourself an unfair advantage.

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They should, the console is legit a PC now but better value

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Paladins just matches whoever with whoever in my experience. I play on console with my pc friends vs others on both console and pc.

Crossplay should be allowed with an enable/disable cross-platform matchmaking button. It’s that simple. If you don’t mind it, enable it, if you hate the idea, then disable it to only get matched with people on the same platform. Should really be a thing in all games at this point imo.

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Budget is not a big constraint, but Xbox Series S is so cheap that I really like the idea of getting it. I also need the mobility that a small new Xbox has. I own a pretty good laptop that fits my work requirements perfectly but the GPU is a bottleneck, so it can’t run OW with 60 FPS.

Nah you can change the cross play options in the settings. You can make it same platform, same input or include everyone

I am sure of this, I play on console and set it to controllers only

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Ah cool, the option exists. That’s good. And really wish all games would just do this.

Because if you use an adapter on Console, MnK players get Aim Assist :upside_down_face:

why mnk though just use a controller so it can be fair and fun for everyone