Xbox ping Issues. NA servers


For the last about 24 hours I’ve been connecting to games with 190+ ping. I’ve matched in arcade (1v1 limited duel) with people from Germany and France even though I live in the south central United States. I’ve reset my Xbox, router, uninstalled the. Reinstalled the game and nothing has worked. Plz Blizzard fix this so I can play with my friends.



The game should route you to the best connection it thinks is possible for your location and connection. If the connection is not healthy between your client and the right server you may end up somewhere odd.

Have you tried a wired connection between the xbox and router to see if that helps?

If you have a PC in the house. Try running a WinMTR to our US West and Us Central servers. Run the tests one at a time. Post them back here naming them US West results and US Central results.

Would be helpful in tracking the issue.

Thank you!


I don’t happen to have my laptop with me right now but I do already use a wired connection. I can connect to other games perfectly fine. It’s just Overwatch.


Having the same problem


Apparently it’s due to having a Lvl 3 isp. Hopefully they will fix soon


My isp is Hotwire Communications but am having the same problem


Check this post. Latency issues with Level 3 Communications ISP - 7/2


I am trying to attach my WinMTR test but it says that I can not add links.


My ping was fine until the update. I also did everything. So can overwatch please fix this. I liked my 40 ping, not the 190-200 ive got.


Here’s a main thread where most people are talking about this issue.


Hey all,

The original poster is from Level 3 communications, and we’re investigating that error now. I’ve marked their post as the solution to direct players on Level 3 to the correct thread. If you are not on Level 3, you were having a different problem than the original poster.

In any event, locking this thread as the information has been found for the main poster. If you still need help, please look over any other recent threads with a blue post which describe your issue or create your own thread.

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