XBOX People: Can't hear teammates on Twitch stream?

Ok, my friend is pretty derp on tech stuff and I can’t seem to find this with a quick Google search and I don’t own an Xbox One. With that knowledge, here is my question.

With the PS4, when I stream on Twitch, and I enter Team Channel on the in-game OW voice chat, I can perfectly hear my teammates in the stream.

But with Xbox One, when I watch my friend stream on Twitch, all his teammates in the Team Channel are muted (not sure about the Group Channel, he solo queues). You can’t hear them at all, only him.

He can’t figure out how to get it so you can hear them, and neither can I.

Is this just a privacy feature of Xbox One, or is there a way to change the settings?


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They can only talk if they join his party and join his stream if he invites them.

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I see. So when he begins streaming, and he enters a match and goes to Team Channel, none of those people can be heard on his stream unless they actually enter his Xbox party and agree to stream with him?

That’s pretty sad. I’d rather watch PS4 streams than Xbox ones, cause it’s stupid to only be able to hear the streamer and not the people they team with.

This is correct and i wish it was changed.

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I know this thread is old and I have been twitch streaming the game for about 3 weeks now an d have messed with a lot of settings. Not only do they have to join the party but you have to stay in the party chat as well. Switching to the game chat will now (from what I saw and noticed from one of my streams) is that even if they accepted and we all switched to the game chat, only my voice was heard. This is on Xbox by the way.

Please fix this @xbox

I’m late to the show, but I don’t think I want XBox team chat. While some of the call outs and such are cool, the reality is that XBox chat is usually off-color commentary that I don’t want viewers to hear.