Xbox overwatch 2

Hello, so since last season and this season I’ve been experiencing an issue with the game. Everytime I play I will either start randomly extremely lagging out of the blue and then I’ll stop lagging and this will keep happening until I get put into the title screen. I know this 100% is not a wifi issue whatsoever. I also will sometimes just get booted to title screen without any lag at all as well. I have a suspicion that someone is doing this to me. I know this is not my internet at all. I’ve tried uninstalling the game and re installing and restarting my xbox multiple times as well. Nothing is working. I need to know if there is a way we can figure this out. This is on my xbox series s. My blizzard name is MidxNiqhtx #1983 and my xbox gamertag is MidxNiqhtx