Xbox one console how tos

Below you will find some basic how to’s steps that may help with playing Overwatch on your Xbox One Console.

If none of the steps listed below help, you may be able to find more helpful information on the Xbox One Support Site.

-Install from Disk
-Digital Install
-Redeem a Code
-Install a Missing DLC
-Game Freezes and Crashes
-Network Test
-Slow Downloads
-Redownload the Game
-Physically Power Cycle the Console

Install from Disk

  1. Insert the Disk
  2. A notification will announce the installation process
  3. If updates are available, the player will be asked what to do
  4. The installation progress is always displayed under My games & apps

The disk installed game will be listed under My games & apps, even if the disk is not inserted. A symbol next to the game will indicate that the game disk needs to be inserted in order to launch the game.

Digital Install

  1. Navigate to the Store
  2. Select Search games store and type in the name
  3. Chose Install (or Buy if you don’t own the game)
  4. Wait for the download to complete

The download process will show inside the store, as well as under My games & Apps. The player may pause or cancel the process.

Redeem a Code

  1. Navigate to the Store
  2. Select Use a code
  3. Select Enter the 25-character code (or use the Kinect sensor to scan the QR code)
  4. Enter the code
  5. Confirm the process

Redeeming a code will automatically start the download of the product.

Codes can also be claimed here.

Install a Missing DLC

When a player is missing DLC features he already purchased (such as the Noire Widowmaker skin), the DLC may need to be downloaded manually.

  1. Navigate to My games & apps
  2. Highlight your game
  3. Press the Menu Button
  4. Select Manage game
  5. Under Ready to install locate the missing DLC
  6. Choose Install

This support article from the Xbox One Support Site has more info about this and a step by step video.

Game Freezes and Crashes

  1. Restart the game (0:05)
  2. Power-cycle the console (0:20)
  3. Test your network (0:34)
  4. Re-add local profile (0:43)
  5. Clear the local game save (1:13)

The times listed next to each line above are to be used in reference with the video in this Xbox One support article.

Network Test

  1. Move left to the menu and select Settings
  2. Choose All Settings
  3. Go to Network -> Network Settings
  4. Select Test network connection
  5. If there is no error, select Test multiplayer connection
  • Test network connection: check if the Xbox One can connect to basic internet features
  • Test multiplayer connection: runs a test on the connection to the Microsoft servers, not Blizzard’s servers!

Slow Downloads

This YouTube video from Xbox Support describes troubleshooting slow or unresponsive downloads, for example the installation of Overwatch.

Please note that the download speed is determined by the Xbox servers and is not affected by Blizzard!

  1. Start a download
  2. Go to Settings > Network Settings
  3. Select Bandwidth usage
  4. Check your current usage

Redownload the Game

  1. Navigate to My games & apps
  2. Under Games move to the right to locate Ready to install games
  3. Select your game
  4. Choose Install

This will only install the base game without any DLC.

Physically Power Cycle the Console

This step is important to perform if you are unable to patch Overwatch.

  1. Turn off the console.
  2. Unplug the console’s power cable. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Plug the console power cable back in.
  4. Turn on the Xbox One.

This support article from the Xbox One Support Site has more info about this.