Xbox Downtime on March 23, 2021

Hey everyone,

We want to give you a heads up that there will be an hour or two of server downtime on the Xbox platform on the morning (PT) of Tuesday, March 23rd. We will be conducting some server maintenance during this downtime. Please see the schedule below for an outline of the anticipated downtime (subject to some change):

  • 10:00 AM PT – Competitive Games will be disabled
  • 10:30 AM PT – Creation of all other game modes will be disabled
  • 10:55 AM PT – Servers will go offline

Our team will work as quickly (and safely) as possible to keep the server downtime to minimum. With that said, we do not anticipate the downtime to extend longer than two hours. We will also be sharing some messaging in-game on the day of the patch.

Thanks for your patience!


Okay. Thank you for telling us!

The xbox community appreciates it.


Thanks for the heads up. Will the same happen for other consoles?

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As per usual with the past month of posts, great job at setting expectations.


Nope - Only Xbox next week!


Overwatch on the case to make sure Sombra isn’t doing very bad things. :eyes:


Thanks for the info!

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please fix the voice chat bugs on xbox, they are pretty annoying
thanks for the heads up tho


In your post, you should use that nifty thing that auto-adjusts times for your time zone. Like in the Contenders Streaming Schedule Thread. I don’t know what witchcraft went into making that thing but it’s pretty great.

You have no idea how long the ritual took to make that thing work just right.

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10:55 - servers will go offline

Never to come back online again. :pleading_face:

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Kinda unfair that series x owners get 120fps options

Kinda not Blizzard’s fault that Sony has a crappy backwards compatibility system.

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okay but like why though

Idk about anyone else, but my game’s been super buggy since the Christmas update. Hopefully to fix said bugs.

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As an Xbox player, I appreciate the forewarning.

As a representative of ALL xbox players, I dislike the fact that the only notification about this downtime is on the internet and the little orange square at the bottom left of the title screen.

Downtime warnings would be even more visible if they were sent to the General Chat of all Xbox players who are in the lobby on a periodic basis, or as an automated message sent whenever a player Presses A to enter the game or leaves a match. Even though we can’t access the chat channels, it’s still apparent that the chat channel window is used for certain game messages

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it would be nice if there was a message in game as a lot won’t see this.


It wasn’t though, have you guys played the game at all? There’s been a warning on the menu screen since the weekend. Dude even said in his post there would be in-game notifications.


It’s literally right there when you load into the game. How can you possibly not see that?

Like, the area where you “press a to start”. It’s in the bottom left. Always has been.

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