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WyomingMyst’s BlizzCon Blog

Hey everyone, last year I documented my adventures to BlizzCon in a single forum thread for everyone and it was a pretty big hit. I am doing again this year! Here you will see my personal experience at BlizzCon and you guys will hopefully be able to see things that will go beyond the virtual ticket.

DAY 1 - No Blizzard will stop me.

I have been a bit worried as there has been snow in Wyoming (yes I actually do live there), but today the weather is letting up and I am now my way to Denver. I take off early in the morning… But first commemorative selfie!!


Successfully made it to the Colorado border! (This really isn’t that much of an achievement for me, I make this commute five times a week.)


Successfully made it to my hotel for the night in Denver, flight tomorrow morning but not if to have some local fun… And Yay more SNOW!


Day 2 - Out of the snow and into the fire!

Its 3 am (mountain time), and today’s the day!!


(I have way more energy that I should at this hour…)


Glorious breakfast pizza… A great way to spend the next hour and a half.


There’s home.


Alright, my feet wore out a little early and I went on all of my favorite rides, so I am done with Disneyland until Sunday. Heading to the ACC now for pictures for you all.


(I will upload the Disneyland pictures separately later.)

Fountain selfie!!


Well I completed a very extensive walkthrough of all public areas. No major hints that I would consider noteworthy.

North Hall has something set up behind some curtains. Last year it was a pair of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth bikes that was placed here. Who knows this year.


Day 3 - Badges? We don't need no stinkin Badges!

All right everybody today is BlizzCon eve. A lot of random stuff is happening today. In the event that you are joining me here in Anaheim. I have some key photos and helpful information in the BlizzCon forums worth your attention:


Let’s get out there and make today a special day. But remember today can only be special if you use deodorant! (Please use deodorant.)


It’s only 7 am and the line is growing…


… Badge pickup starts at 9:00. I am so glad I got a portal pass.

Portal pass badge pickup has started!!


Festivities in the grand plaza have begun!


The Blizzard gear store is in full swing!


Seeing Team South Korea right now at the fountain.


The World of Warcraft choppers are back:


Team USA now doing their photo ops at the fountain.


I stopped by the Overwatch League shop trailer.

They have the jerseys on sale there for only $40 (regularly 60, only available on site). I went ahead and picked up a matching away Titans jersey.


Spotted this beauty, at the Clariton…


Spray paint wall mural in progress:


Night at the Faire has started. Snagged a Timewalker treasure chest for my friend, and I’m shopping some plushies for my collection. Pretty festive in here.


Had the pleasure of meeting one of my Blizzard supporters, HeyCapo, from Blizzard’s social media teams, for the first time.


By the ways, I think this is the closing ceremonies performance on Saturday… :rofl:


I am currently at the Con Before The Storm party and fan art show. Here there is a series of community events, music, and fun. Here is some of the art pieces.







I met the Baisi family who a bunch of adorable Overwatch cosplayers while at Con Before The Storm.




Day 4 - This day is too exciting!

It’s 6 am! And the line is starting to build! There is already a thousand people from what I can tell at the General entry line, 50 of us for Portal Pass holders.

Google Photos

Sneak peak of the Overwatch demo area

Google Photos

World Cup Banners

Google Photos

The Myst has landed! And I have a great seat!!

Google Photos

I met Jaina!

Google Photos

The Mythic Hall is packing up quickly!!

Google Photos

And this selfie just makes me hungry…

Google Photos

Brig is cute!

Google Photos

Mei is cute!!

Google Photos

My review of PVE Mission of Rio De Janiero

I just got done playing a round of the story mode in Overwatch 2, the mission is a lot like the Overwatch Archives PVE modes, but they are a lot more refined. You get to play Tracer, Lucio, Reinhardt or Mei to stop a giant flying Omnium (Omnic factory) that is launching troops against Rio de Janeiro. Enemies are more reactive to your team movements, and will quickly gain up any team member, who strays away from the group.

Throughout the mission you collect an item from a supply crate, which grants a temporary non-hero specific ability. This includes a deployable cylinder shield, corrosive grenades, and more. The ability is on a very long cooldown, but can be reused as long as it gets to you to hold it. When you get a new supply crate the new item will replace the ability. On PC, The item ability is bound to 4 by default. A majority of the mission objectives, consists of clearing out enemies in different areas throughout the story map. Players are going to need to pay attention, to their specific hero abilities and how they can easily stop enemies most effectively. For example, I played Mei, which made me the most effective projectile shooter amongst that roster, so I had to shoot at most of the flying omnics and use my freeze ability on the larger ones.

The pace of the missions are relatively fast, and the characters feel exactly the same. Overall, The flow of the game is very engaging, and should be a welcomed part of the overall franchise.

Popular Streamers and Content Creators now playing at the Streaming Station:


Google Photos


Google Photos


Google Photos

Stylosa and I got to chat a bit!

Google Photos

The Panorama Diner from Route 66 is now a real thing!

Google Photos

(Update: This is not a real food station, just a Coca-Cola promo station)

The Portal Pass Lounge is really awesome, exclusive bar, lunch stand, and lots of seating.

Google Photos

WARDROBE CHANGE! (Click to see the shirt)

Google Photos

I am a fine connoisseur of video game art.

Google Photos

Latest POP figures, OW2 Tracer and OW2 Genji

Google Photos

I grabbed Jeff Kaplan’s head. I am evil.

Google Photos

Okay everyone! Get ready for a picture explosion. I finished the day doing some look arounds in areas not throughly explored, some of it containing some juicy Overwatch 2 concept art content from the art gallery. Here we go!

This was a really cute night elf I met in the late night.

Google Photos

It looks like Jaina and Sylvanas has made up and are now BFFs.

Google Photos

Here is the D.Va Lego Statue from last year’s BlizzCon, I never got a good picture of it but I did this year:

Google Photos

There is a Lego Picture Mural being built near the Overwatch Demo Area…

Google Photos

I completed a piece!!

Google Photos

Time to put it on the board!!

Overwatch 2 Concept Art by Arnold Tsang.

Google Photos

Up close shots…

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Overwatch 2 Character Concepts also by Arnold Tsang and Ben Zhang

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Here is a series of concepts and rendered art from the Zero Hour cinematic:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Not many get to see these full-scale size statues that some of the collectible stautes are based from:

Tracer Statue:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Jaina Statue

Google Photos

Google Photos

Sylvanas Statue

Google Photos

Google Photos

Time to visit the Blizzard Arcade!!

Google Photos

Jim Raynor statue

Google Photos

Joeyray’s Bar

Google Photos

And that is about it for now. Haven’t decided what to do tomorrow… either going to be all day watching the world cup, or hitting up the rest of the Overwatch panels…

What should I do everyone?

Day 5 - Adventures and Good Friends

New day everyone!!

This is going to be a far more lose schedule for me. After careful decision, I will stick to the Overwatch panel schedule. Hope to see some more friends here too!

First things first… Coffee…

Google Photos

Continue to follow for the lastest updates!


You managed to misspell a three-letter word twice in a short post.

Impressive! Also, I wish it was cool where I am. In Florida, I still have to run my own air conditioner unit for my bedroom or it will be 79+.


Nice to see. I can’t go to blizzcon like most people here so we can experience it second-hand from you.

Hah! Pun! :laughing:

Wish you a good journey sir.
And don’t save the good details!

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What have you done Mei…


I know its not related to the topic but is there any news about when the Facebook Gaming Blizzcon Virtual Ticket giveaways start? Or any schedule.

I wasn’t even aware of that promotion. All I thought is that they were sponsoring Overwatch Payliad tour attraction that was coming again


Is there a new hero? Or like are you in the building yet?

I wish I lived in usa so I could go. I hope I dont miss out on any exclusive moira merch

Jesus Christ. is that really snow and this time?

Good thing there wasn’t a myst too. :stuck_out_tongue:


The building opens on Thursday, and the areas where you can actually see anything new open on Friday.

As mentioned in the initial post, his plane doesn’t take off until tomorrow.


Yeah, the weather in Denver is worse right now. Don’t come here.

When are they going to announce WyomingMyst as the next hero?

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Oh there is lots of “myst” right now. Been having to do 45 on the Interstate.

“Are you ready? HERE I COME!” - Reinhardt

Google Photos

Successfully made it to the Colorado border! (This really isn’t that much of an achievement for me, I make this commute five times a week.)


LOL Cant wait for you to make up to Blizzcon. It beats the temps! ( I corrected my post)

lol your plate #. Better edit that out :wink: I dont think you want thousands of bags of Fan Mail showing up at your house :wink:

I know a few professional beekeepers in your area btw. and called up the one guy after seeing this photo. The one guy is removing his hives out of the area TODAY and sending 3 semi loads of bees to Merced. . 19F out. RIP. He thought you all were going to have a Warm Autumn Halloween. lol. Guess that aint happening!

I’d route down on I-25 and then go west at Albuquerque. If you go over that Pass there west of Denver, you are going to be in for a VERY bad day. Especially on the west side of Eisenhower tunnel.

Oh I’m flying tomorrow. Just need to get to Denver tonight.


Okay GOOD! I hope there are no delays and the turbulence over the Divide isn’t too bad. It takes awhile to climb over that with planes in the cold air. Stay safe!

“Colorful Colorado”
Colorful like a blank canvas.

Be safe out there.

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just the AC? i too am a florida man…and i have to add a fan as well