WTF was the thought process for giving mercy a healing boost

Just when pharmercy was hard enough… now? I got 70 hours on aim labs and my goodness… its not fun.

You make Phara more agile and then you give mercy a healing boost… fml

just play diablo fren

Mercy always has to be overtuned in some fashion, because she’s heavily played by Female, LGB and “no-mechanics” players. Blizzard doesn’t want to put off those players.

In general, people would expect heroes like Mercy to have low impact to match her [comparatively] low skill floor, but if they did this it would be seen as disenfranchising those players.

So, when they tune down one aspect of her kit, they tend to over-tune another aspect to compensate - then use the “nerfs” as justification for it.

Just deal with it. It’s always going to seesaw like that.

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