WTF I just lost 50 sr for server crash

I queued into a game after losing 5 games in a row because of leavers. Then i got the message that I joined my game then this message appeared in the chat "Failed to connect to server and I lost 50 sr and got banned for 10 minutes. A guy that was writing in chat when the game started also said he lost sr which makes me believe everyone in that game lost sr. Blizzard please fix this bug.

This is not a server crash, but an error message when can’t connect to the specific IP address of the server your match was on, but you do not disconnect from the game lobby. These errors are often caused due to problems between you and the game server and will still be penalized appropriately. If you find that you are finding this error frequently, please stop playing Competitive Play and try checking making sure everything on your end is working. Alternatively, you can try running connection tests like WinMTR to see if any problems exist between you and the game server. It’s frustrating when this happens, but in reality this is not the fault of the game server.