WTB Chroma SDK fix

Seriously… Game will not open even if that program is installed/not running

Every update for my mouse, reinstalls this AMAZING program. YET i have to uninstall just to even open this game.

Hey Fabio,

The Chroma interactions have been a known issue for a while, and we actually have a sticky post addressing this.

We can’t do much to address this interaction directly though, as the Chroma SDK and support programming aren’t designed or supported by us. The most consistent fixes that we’ve found have been put into that sticky post though, so its worth going through it if you haven’t already. If you have, you may consider reaching out to Razer support directly.


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Thank you for the timely response. Could you provide the link for the sticky, I am mostly blind in the morning, and unable to find it.

Also, thank for the suggestion, I just assumed it was on blizzards end. Sorry for my confusion

I feel dumb now, for not clicking on the hyperlink