Wrong Direction of Brigitte Nerf


In my opinion Brigitte is too strong on live servers right now. Dominating in almost every rank she does too much damage and has too high survivability. With a big healing output she is strong in DPS, Tanking and Healing.

Her ultimate is really strong if used correctly, but reducing her support abilities is the wrong way to go. With a 5-second cooldown stun ability they should rather work on her damage output, I think. Limiting the abilities of a support hero instead of reducing the insane amount of damage is not the right thing, I think a longer cooldown on the stun or a damage reduction from 35 to 30 or 25 would rather be fitting.


No, the maximum armor gain from her ultimate is also the big issue.

She can increase both herself and teammates with too much of health value for next fight which other ultimate can’t do . Other ultimate in this game only last for certain duration (including Mercy’s 20s Valkyrie) but Brigitte’s ultimate last even longer to the point of next fight can be inher favor easily. Only Torbjohn’s Armor Pack can do this but it is only 75 maximum armor per target, not exact 150 armor like her ult.

Her ultimate needs to be toned down and this is a good start. Her stun needs to be toned down as well, but that simply “other changes” Jeff mentioned.

She will be nerfed a little more until she is fairer to other match-ups.


If you’re having issue with her damage; Mind. Her. Space.

Do NOT think you’re gonna come out on top against her close. Pharah, McCree, S76, Hanzo (His rework does WONDERS against her shield!), Widow, etc all do great against her from afar and above her.

Take Obi Wans advice and take the highground against her. The nerfed her stun with the cone reduction, the ult’s capability to help you survive was a terminator zen ult. It got the rightful nerf.

Beyond maybe not letting her stun a target behind a shield/Charging Rein? She will be fine after these nerfs.


She’s just like her dad. She only uses her ult for herself. How many times have you seen Torb use his ult to save his life or because his turret is about to die? These two rarely even think of their team.


Talk about yourself. I only use Rally right before a push, or when we’re already winning the fight, so we can go into the next brawl without having to worry about pesky Tracers harassing our back line.

Torb can use his ult to save himself, because it reinforces his turret and instantly grants Torb a boat load of armor. Rally doesn’t have that potential, as the rate at which the armor is applied can be countered by any hero.