Wrecking Ball is unplayable

I have 550 hours on wrecking ball, i know every swinging angle on every overwatch 1 map and most ow 2 maps and I have never experienced such low impact from what is now a main tank. Right now he’s only feasible on Laing tower and Nepal and even then he’s a low to medium pick.

The Dev’s once described balancing ball like the edge of a knife, in that a small change makes him overpowered. Well on the scale we’re currently at a small change would take him back to OW1 power levels.

They need to do one or a couple of these things

  1. Increase the CC time of his piledriver back to the original 1s it was at launch
  2. Decrease the weapon spread of his primary fire or remove it all together
  3. Redistribute the armour health pool maybe 450 health 250 armour.
  4. Give his shields CC resistance.

With the new hero ramattra coming into play with what looks like an OP CC ability, ball will just be even worse and the devs have to do something otherwise they may as well just remove him.


Good, F that hero. Ball players got a special cauldron prepared in hell with Sombras hacking them around and tea-bagging on a cooldown.


whats your actual rank tho?

For a D-Tier hero, Ball sure gets a lot of hate from devs and players alike

In ow1 i was masters now in ow2 im currently working my back up from plat

I used to play a lot of ball and I agree. But it was expected, he’s not a main tank and in a game where there’s only 1 tank, if the enemy have anything else you’re basically throwing. He’s alright in OQ though can be fun there.

On a side note ball has got literally nothing in OW2. Nothing in the battlepass, nothing in the shop. Not a single new item other than the standard OW2 skin.

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I play a Master/GM wrecking ball.

At a higher play i get yelled at almost any game when I pick him. In a sense its justify even if i do play him well because other Tanks do better for team compositions overall.

I also agree and believe its at a knife edge. In that the wrong buff will make him very OP in the right hands. Hes a very high skill ceiling Hero.

Its a delicate balance and one that a lot of thought and caution should go into.

As what the buff should be I honestly dont know. Not until I see and experience what the upcoming new Tank brings to the table in comparison to Ball.