Wrecking Ball is a Throw Pick?

Wrecking ball is currently frowned upon in competitive and sometimes quick play games, He has plenty to offer the team with being able to boop enemies, slam them upwards, distract them, and of course kill them but people’s problems with the characters stem from these opening being rather breif. He can boop enemies from behind only allowing a opening for roughly a second his boops main attractions is based on the map Environmental and High ground boops are where you’ll get the most value out of it (besides ult charge) His pile-driver is the same it’s effect is breif and there’s a good chance you could be stunned before you even hit the ground and one stun can cause the whole team to target you a horrible risk:lost situation compare these to characters that allow these advantages for SECONDS such as Lucio having speed boost for as long as he wants mercy having infinite damage boost ana having a few seconds of anti healing but hey these are supports Junkrat has a trap that leaves you there for a few seconds (don’t confuse this with me saying his trap is op it’s my own stupidity that probably lands me into these anyway) Mei can slow and freeze people for easy headshot as long as she has ammo
Roadhog can have dmg reduction for a few seconds and displace an enemy 3x longer than ball orisa has her javelin and spin
Wrecking ball needs changes and I have suggestions as long as your willing to listen

Primary Fire

  • A spread reduction would make him a tanky assassin! Taking the high ground and picking off squishys. When on the high ground you barely tickle the people your shooting at when more than 10m away
    -if not a spread reduction a dmg increase of 1-3 points

Adaptive shields

-I love what was done with his shields having the biggest health pool in the game compliments his hitbox being the largest but I think he should be able to reach max sheilds easily only needing 3 people in range to increase all his shields


Give him fortified when he’s at “high speed” if can spin a javilan and bounce bullets off them why can a ball spinning at high speeds give him the ability to not be stunned and take 10-25% less damage during the time he’s on fire nothing else (such as HP increase)
Decrease spawn cool down but just one
second… Please maybe even half a second


when he starts falling he should get fortified up until he’s able to move again and then he should still have it for one to two seconds
Slight cool down decrease
More mines or more HP

Wrecking balls problem is that he just can’t compete with other tanks and he wasnt made for a 5v5 game not being able to do his own thing most the time