Wrecking Ball (Hammond) Piledriver Bug

Hi friends,

Wrecking ball has a bug with his piledriver, where all the targets within the 10m range of his slam will take damage equal to the closest target to Hammond’s point of impact, essentially making his falloff irrelevant against 2 or more targets.

I’ve included a video of this in action: https://youtu.be/fjOU67pF_Ww

Please fix! :slightly_smiling_face:
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I really hope it gets fixed, and if it doesn’t pros could be abusing it or unintentionally doing it making it feel like their cheating in a way that shouldn’t be allowed.


I wonder if this bug is also impacting Winston’s damage bug? The two could be related?

It’s still here? Blizzard come on


Wow this is really broken and love you jayne :slight_smile:


Just watched your vid. Good call.


Come on Blizzard, u got just over 2 weeks to fix this before the world cup resumes

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Not sure if I broke some forum rules, but looks like devs mostly sit in “PTR Bug Report”…
So I posted there link to this post, really don’t wanna see it in 1.28 (I am struggle so hard now in 1.27 as Tracer main with all this Hammond and Winston bugs).

Is it supposed to have falloff? In the video it looked like his other bug that would cause Hammond to strike twice with one piledriver if he landed on a slope and slid off. That one’s getting fixed and it’s in the patch notes and everything.

Awesome, just saw your video and was about to post about it in case you hadn’t already. I sincerely hope this is brought to Blizzard’s attention, hopefully they actually check the forums for once

Big fan BTW

Just watched your video, you explained this bug super well and Blizz has no excuse to not fix this. Keep up the great work!!

this is a whole new level of game breaking. Blizzard you need to fix this before the world cup.


Definetely in need of a fix.

Yes, in the video it’s clearly demonstrated with the 2 soldiers that the is falloff, unless you hit multiple enemies

Possible, but in 1.28 the Winston bug is fixed

Maybe they just missed that Hammond was also affected

Ok. Wasn’t aware it had falloff. I’ll have to make sure I only piledrive right on someone’s head, or in groups of 3 or more, haha.

thanks jayne :slight_smile:

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Or they’re just gonna ban Hammond in the OWWC. i don’t think it’s enough time for a patch and not much time to test it. it could open a new can of *bugs for all we know

I hope this gets fixed and hello jayne

Could a Moderator please pin this to the top of the Bugs Forum. This needs to be fixed/addressed by Blizzard ASAP.