Wow! They actually removed Mei's falloff damage on PTR!


MeiCree is back!

The patch notes:


I mean, this is great.

But oof, Pharah pickrate is gonna die this patch.


Pharah (pharahmercy) is the top one dps on gm and master on ps4… we hate her.


Thats beatiful, absolutely beatiful, my hunt on Pharahs begins now!


I think they kinda reasoned “No way is Mei gonna be outclassing Hanzo at ranged projectile spam”


Do you guys think this could make Mei more viable because she can deal more damage now?


Yes, infinitely so, I would have been happy with slightly reduced falloff but now I can have duels with Widowmaker no problem.


For me. I was about to dust of McCree and finally play him again. But 50% at range is still less than half of what Mei can accomplish. So, I guess for the first time I am a Mein.


Welcome to the club.

(Poor McCree.)


They have made a great error. :japanese_ogre:


As a fan of Mei, I have one thing to say.

I knew my gold gun would come in handy someday!


Finally they buffed parts of her kit only skilled players can make use of, so hopefully the community will not be crying out for nerfs anymore.
Now I’ll not have to worry anymore that Zenyatta is a better DPS than me with no fall-off and a better rate of fire.


Trust me, McCree’s reliability and rate of fire makes him a much, much better ranged DPS than MeiCree



im sorry


Oh-ho-ho, I made a good choice in buying her golden gun today…

Mwehehehe. Goodbye Pharah.


And they officially destroyed sombra beyond repair


Good lord I can snipe those widow and Pharah with Mei now. :sunglasses:


As someone that play Phara quite often:
Final f. finally. It’s makes no sense that Mei has to suffer of having to deal with both downsides of having a projectile and having falloff. This is beyond stupid. If they want to tune down her long range potential, reduce the projectile speed, make it do an arc, or anything besides falloff, seriously.


I think you are putting it mildly. I, for one welcome new Meita.

Winter is coming.


Winters has come early for Overwatch, just in time for the summer heat for everyone to chill in.