Wow fanatic getting kicked for being spawn camped

There have been OWL matches since that time, yes?

Streamers on twitch?

I have played a fair number of matches.

None of these have involved being spawn camped so hard they got timed out.

Literally, a week ago, it was found out.

Just because it doesn’t happen to you or random streamer doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to people or that they should just “git gud” when they unfairly get kicked.

It affects lot of people, such as backfillers when they get even LESS time to choose a character and make it out of spawn. They don’t need to be spawncamped, all it takes it not performing dealing damage to opponents to get kicked.

I like blizzard going after griefers and bots more aggressively, if a few scrubs getting spawn camped into oblivion due to their own incompetence is a price I am willing to pay.

Ah so troll it was then. Thanks for confirming.


Not a troll, just not sympathetic to people throwing. There is literally no reason you cant get out of spawn long enough to do a single point of damage in 45 seconds.

Yea I’m just gonna nope out of this conversation, it appears it was just a troll all along. :joy:


sombra > invis > second exit

brig/ana > second exit

rein/sig > second exit

Lol yeah me too. Finished with this thread. :joy:

And what about ultis and team composition?

Do we just force players into choosing sombra just to get out of spawn because blizz doesn’t know how to code anti-botting spawn afk timers?

Or better, why do cheaters and people who disrupt gameplay so much to bot in spawn get away with it even if they were reported?

Dva can booster out, winston can leap, rein can charge, zarya can arc above shields.

Lucio can outrun everybody and wall ride. Ana can lob a grenade, doing damage, or forcing them to move long enough to land a shot.

Dps has a long list of mobile heroes and/or aoe heroes.

Literally no excuse to being timed out.

Cheaters should also get their due.

That does not mean griefers and bots should not also be punished.

no, we do that until they fix the issue

Well, I’m not touching OW till my wow sub runs out, because I’m not too eager to get back to back backfills where I get 5 seconds to walk out of spawn before inactivity timer kicks me out lol.

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oh yea ok watched that replay. of course i havnt experienced this at all since i dont play comp. so yea if you have leavers if the game doesnt go well and your stuck with 1 or 2 players missing your gonna get spawn camped… then that rule will kicks in and you lose more SR than usual?

they better get that fixed since it effects competitve

Are people really getting spawn camp kicked that often? I’ve been seeing a lot of threads about it, but I honestly don’t believe it.

Like there’s a lot of ways to make it out to reset the timer. If you’re support you can just speed/fade through as Lucio/Moira or just tank everything with IF as Bap. If tank then just go Ball and speed through, or Hog and use breather. For DPS you can speed blink out as Tracer or go Reaper wraith form.

The more people know, the more people are going to try to use it to their advantage.

Smurfs especially will delight in this ability. And people who generally just like to disrupt games.

I watched the replay OP. You went pass the spawn immortality zone in the spawn but you never exited your spawn door. I think the AFK kick bug requires you to damage enemies after leaving your spawn but you only damaged them from within your spawn so you got booted.

Also their was a second spawn door to your left you could have exited the entire time.

Its a new rule, but its not working as Blizzard intended. My post you are quoting from is a tiny bit outdated.

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if you saw my other reply nothing worked to get out of that “afk timer” even after being killed it wouldn’t reset to 10 seconds or whatever it was. oh well what happens, happens :woman_shrugging:

game kinda hints tbh