Wow fanatic getting kicked for being spawn camped

Its brave to say that Blizz has any kind of paid internship.

It’s to combat the afk bots who move around slightly every few seconds in spawn and shoot randomly to passively level accounts to 25 for sale.

It was wack I’ve run into a few of em.

The change to d/c players who are in spawn is not an elegant solution but it was probably the best one they could think of.

My solution would be jump pads to launch you to a high ground of spawn so you have a better angle, or a button to deploy a teleporter from spawn to a more forward position.

Also counters people griefing in their spawn, I have had infinitely more people trolling in spawn than people kicked due to being afk from being spawn camped, which is zero.

No no it’s not afk in spawn being spawn camped.

The inactivity timer ticks while you’re in your spawn no matter what, and if you’re trapped in there for 45-60 seconds you will be removed. No exceptions.

It’s a new change, and not a great one.
When you’re trapped in spawn, the most obvious play is to stand behind the yellow border so that you’re immune to incoming damage or to retreat to it to gain healing.

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At that point, you should be removed. You are refusing to switch to a mobile hero and getting out, or playing as a team, which is just game over anyways.

I’m not so sure about that one.

My headcanon is to swap to sym and tele my team out of a side door, but my experience as spawn-trapping scum informs me that even if the opposition switches to mobile heroes in a desperate attempt to escape, they’ll just be obliterated in seconds anyways because it’s futile when the spawn camping team is already set up.

The best way to fight back against spawn camping is to punch through it from within spawn using turrets and explosives.

Maybe tracer can distracc

And that would take more than 45 seconds to pull off?

It could because you’re trying to punch through Shields while also not trying to die from a bunch of bullet hell aimed directly at the spawn door.

I spawn camp a lot on Junkertown and Nepal (sanctum), and it’s surprisingly easy to lock a team down in their own spawn for 2-3 minutes especially if they don’t use side doors. Even when they do, it’s really easy to pick off individual targets.

Hell, I’ve even won full junkertown defense games by just spawn trapping for 4 minutes. It’s scummy but effective.

On maps like Nepal with a drop ship, you HAVE to stay within it to return fire because moving out of the spawn area results in swift death, and there are only two exists with no buffer zone where you’re not “in a spawn area” but still within the spawn building.

You are immune to damage in spawn, you dont have to deal with bullet hell, you can fire at the enemy. Maps where spawn has no LoS with the rest of the map, have multiple entrances, so it should be impossible to not be able to get out within the time limit.

Yeah, I know people can be spawn camped, I am saying only the most outrageously bad players will be spawn camped so hard they get timed out as afk.

And while you are doing this, the countdown is in progress. That’s the source of complaints. I’m assuming the people being removed while still in spawn are experiencing this on Lijiang, Nepal, and Ilios where there is no place to return fire while still having access to cover and the spawn room.

Maybe this is the source of the complaints :rofl:

You dont need to get out, you just need to do damage to reset the timer. So these people, with full view of the other team, firing freely from spawn with no change of dying themselves, cant deal a single point of damage to the people spawn camping them.

That’s just flat out wrong, there’s plenty spawns in this game where there’s a big buffer zone that allows enemy players to fire directly into the spawn where enemy players are not invincible. Such as junkertown, the whole front door area is buffer zone and easy to shoot into.

Enemy players cannot get inside the spawn, but they can shoot at the buffer zone which is different from the healing zone inside spawn.

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Those maps have multiple entrances, you cant spawn camp every entrance, you pick one and hope the other team is moronic enough to keep going out that one.

Meanwhile, camping the junkertown door is a legit high ranked strat used all the way up to owl level.

But sure, it’ll only work against dumb players. :roll_eyes:

And maybe don’t make this about player incapability of making it out of spawn when there’s a legit bug which unjustifiably kicks players when they are not inactive.

Have any of those OWL players been kicked due to the afk timer?

I have said people can get spawn camped, but being so thoroughly spawn camped you get timed out should be next to impossible if you are not actively throwing, or so bad you should be at a rank lower than bronze.

No, because this bug is very recently discovered. :woman_facepalming:

Ofc they can’t get kicked during midgame if they don’t even play the game.

Recently discovered, but how long did it exist before then?

So I was kicked from Junkertown healing as Mercy, outside the healing spawn wall.

I haven’t played Lucio for ages. Why should I be punished?

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I’m not sure if you’re just being obtuse or troll.

This bug has only very recently come to light because they only very recently changed inactivity timer in spawn secretly without telling us. Like, a week or so ago.

Before that, there has been no difference in inactivity outside of spawn and inside.