Wow fanatic getting kicked for being spawn camped

You forgot to include this replay.

because i remember i almost got kicked when we were getting spawned camped then i was typing then i fed my brains out then the timer reset

I’m really into playing Genshin Impact at the moment. That developer gives away in game gifts when there are bugs identified, or compensation (gifts) when there is downtime for updates.

They’re a pretty cool developer. Hint hint Blizzard….

they did include it when they replied to me it’s drcx5y

Someone else posted a random replay, not OP.

scroll down and maybe read some replies.

Makes sense

Higher ranks = more people watching = more publicity on an issue

That and the dev discord thats mainly used for bug fixes and banning hackers

how the heck does this not affect high ranks i’m in gm then i got spawn camped in a gm lobby against the number 1 dps then almost got kicked i had to feed/die to stop the bug

People in the high ranks know how to deal with getting spawn camped, by not letting it happen.

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not really people in gm have inflated egos because their gm which means more people in gm throw and once u have a thrower on ur team you’ll most likely get spawned camp it happens all the time

Yet the game does not consider them AFK and kick them. Strange.

because normally people jump off the map to throw which count as a death which delays the afk timer

So you are saying they made it out of spawn long enough to make it to a cliff, hardly being spawn camped in that example.

their cliffs everywhere like eichenwalde first point at spawn attack and defend 1st point dorado,last point kings row, 1st point junker town etc then if there isn’t any they go in front of the enemy team say hi then the enemy team 90% of the time kill them

If this person has enough time to make it to a cliff, then you have enough time to fire your weapon.

Ummm isn’t the point being this will affect the majority of players at some point, who aren’t necessarily in high ranks?

It needs to be fixed.

It isnt going to effect anybody but people so bad they are getting hard spawn camped, which people above gold know how to get around.

So you’re saying it’s not an issue? Only, for what you call, bad players?

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People in GM get spawn camped all the time, lol. It isn’t something exclusive to lower ranks.

Do they get spawn camped to the point the game kicks them for being afk?