Wow fanatic getting kicked for being spawn camped

why the hell did I get kicked for being spawn camped? and it doesn’t go away after you die, or do ANYTHING. I just got kicked out of a comp match for having a leaver and we were getting spawn camped and then I get kicked for being inactive WHEN I LITERALLY DIED from the enemies what is this???


In my experience when I dealt damage to somebody the afk counter thing went away. But I dont know maybe it acts differently sometimes. if youre positive that u were shooting them too and it didnt go away then idk.

I thought to myself “Well this isnt so bad.” When it was happening to me because i shot somebody and it went away but if it sometimes doesnt… Then this is a nightmare.

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It’s the new brilliant AFK system, that the brilliant people who created this game decided to put in without thinking of the consequences or maybe playtesting.

Apparently they’re looking into it, but it must be hard to find this issue because it’s still in game.


If this affected high ranks the competitive system would be disabled in a heartbeat.


I’m pretty sure they changed how the afk timer works recently, it’s beyond garbage now.


u have a replay code? for me i only get kicked out if i don’t do damage or don’t die

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anyone have any idea at what time it kicks you? in seconds i mean if you dont use any input

or does it work just by being in spawn no matter if your moving around?

it’s even if ur moving around they added it to attempt to stop the people that just sit in spawn and move around that way they don’t get kicked but they didn’t do it so well

that sucks i have been lucky to have not been spawned camped that bad. it will happen some day tho, considering the matchmaking sometimes

Yea for me it also goes away if I shoot someone.

I heard someone was playing Mercy and they got kicked out of their match. They were supposedly even healing at that time lol. But didnt deal damage so…

The PROBLEM is… enemy might have barriers up so u cant even deal damage before u get kicked… but i dont know if shooting a Barrier works. I shot a person to make it go away.

I cant have sympathy for people getting spawn camped when you are the ones with the advantage of taking no damage. Switch heroes, you can always switch back.

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I was shooting people like crazy to get that red black off my screen.

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Well damn. I guess it just behaves differently sometimes based on some variables…

See when it popped up for me, I was not in spawn. My team kept dying instantly for some reason in that choke on Eichenwalde so I was waiting for them to come back and suddenly it wanted to kick me so i shot someone and it went away.

Maybe its more aggressive if it starts in Spawn instead of anywhere else on the map…

oh yeah absolutely. but because it’s effecting lower ranks they don’t care. it pisses me off so badly.

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It is more aggressive inside spawn.

Outside spawn afk timers behave like normal, but for some reason they changed the spawn afk timer to not take account healing, dying or doing anything else besides harming the opponent when inside spawn and buffer zone.

Because bots were being used to derank accounts and sometimes it booted enemy players off because they could not damage all these inactive players inside their spawns.

So this creates scenarios where you can just essentially spawncamp enemy to getting kicked out of the game. It also means during backfill, you have increasingly short window of actually walking out of spawn after having a very small window of time to pick a character, before the inactivity timer starts and just boots you.

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I’ll send you the replay code in a bit. first it was a 5v6…then a 3v6 and then at the end it was just a 2v6. so yay I really love this game sometimes

REPLAY CODE: DRCX5Y the people started leaving at 9:51 and we started to get spawn camped at 10:01.


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were you duod with the mercy?

nope, she was just a random player I got

That really sucks, the other day one of our supports got kicked because they chose their hero late and as they were heading outside our spawn he got kicked LMAO.

Luckily the match just got cancelled


that’s the only thing i can think about because if you are grouped up with the mercy they probably left as a group good thing you didn’t get suspended or lost 50 sr

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