WOW! Devs finally noticed it!


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WOW! It took only 6 patches and 5 topics for our beloved developers to notice this error. :smile: BRAVO!


I mean in all fairness it’s really not a game-breaking issue or anything.


It is. You can’t even imagine how irritating and distracting it is.


There’s still the problem or was the other day where if you get hurt enough, then heal up, sometimes your character still sounds wounded by gasping and wheezing… feel like suddenly my character is Asthmatic or something… maybe this fix addressed that as well.


Still waiting for a map selector in custom games


Guess I don’t play the game mode enough or I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking for because you can play games on specific maps if you want


Some things take priority over others. This is not a big thing that affected how abilities or heroes played. Yea it was annoying, but that’s it


Actually, I can. This is such a niche problem…

This only happens in “custom games with instant respawn”? lul OK. I’m glad your games aren’t broken anymore I guess


You can’t manually select what map you want next in the lobby or mid game unless you go into the settings and disable every map- except the one you want, and then restart.
Or hope it randomly selects the one you want after a restart.

Other games let you choose the map you want to play first and you can even create your own map rotation without relying on random selection.


I did a simple edit on Paint, this is what I mean:

It can’t be that hard to implement and way less clunky than what we have to do currently. Especially for KotH.


Just saying they haven’t fixed the widow smg glitch where it play constantly after you respawn.


Yeah but I bet it’ll take them 2 and a half years to acknowledge how broken the colorblind settings are for console


Devs: ok we fixed the…

… just can’t win.