Would tracer be trash if

We nerfed blink recharge rate or decreased charges to 2?

People say she’s OP alot because she can deal a ton of damage with little to no risk at times, but what if her movement was nerfed?

Tracer instantly dies pretty much. She cant tank damage at all.
People who say no risk definitely dont play Tracer much. Its always risky and annoying lol

But it is hard to hit her


2 blinks, closer falloff. Balanced.

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Worst balance idea ever.

There is a reason why she has 150 hp.


I think that would make her bastion level garbo lol.

What if she got 200 hp, (or maybe 175) closer fall off and 2 charges? (But maybe blink charges go farther or charge slightly faster)

Can we just nerf her freaking fall off like it should have been a WEEK after it got buffed in the first place. She was the last character in the game that needed buffs, especially since they started throwing out double. Shield nerfs left right and centre right after she got it.


I don’t like Tracer (pretty much everyone here can attest to that) so believe me when I say, that would make her super trash, and be a terrible idea.


The way I’d do it, is to nerf how beneficial Recall is too her survival.

Granted, this is an OW2 intended concept.

For OW1, Tracer is kinda necessary to keep GM from tilting into a hard DoubleBarrier meta, instead of the current soft DoubleBarrier meta.

As for OP, no. Nerfing blinks is the worst thing you could possibly do. Revert fallof and maybe nerf ult charge rate.


tracer is fine imo doesnt need a nerf or a buff

She should get a falloff nerf, back to what it was–especially in light of the other hitscan nerfs.

She has a faster runspeed, three blinks, and a Recall that heals up any health lost (but doesn’t damage her if she Recalls to a point where her health was lower, because Tracer!)

She has the tools to do her work, and her most recent falloff buffs have only served to make her job easier and make her too strong at ranges where she can play safer.

The Overwatch Devs need a yardstick. They can’t seem to decide what to balance around.

Keep the Blinks and Recall. She’s fine. But she shouldn’t be able to fire from (relatively) ‘safe’ areas… ever.

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Just revert the falloff buff she got completely. Thats it.


I don’t think that would be the option

Horrible change, i think Blink CD on 4 sec could work

I think any change to her blinks cd/amount of charge is a bad idea. As she only lives because of them, and is super squishy when they are on cd. Also dont think she needs a nerf, and she is only good at the very top, as its the only place she ever has been. But id be fine with her losing the 2m of falloff for her 400 dmg bomb back.

Bringing her powel level down to a reasonable line with everyone else (you know,balanced) is trash? How?

Tracer would be fine if Brig could just bash-smack-flail her again. Her only reliable counter is McCree.