Would PVE be convertible to story campain mode?

We all know that PVE currently has considerable difficulties in managing replayability without replacing the shortcomings with bots. So here’s a theory: what if they converted PVE to single player? I mean, balance ALL missions so that they have a difficulty designed for one player instead of “4 players or one player with bots”. Practically selling PVe like the Starcraft 2 narrative DLCs.

This would mean massive work on bots, or on the degree of difficulty when alone. I wish they handled it like in cup head: are you alone? standard enemy difficulty. Do you have a friend on your team who impersonates your teammate/hero? the difficulty increases on its own. However, it should be a game that does not revolve around the obsession of cooperative achievements, which unfortunately the current PVE suffers greatly from in order to obtain rewards on legendary difficulty.

this would mean blizzard has to put some effort and they will never do it

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This is something I have been suggesting and even suggested having a separate team work on that and sell it as it’s own game, sure I would love for all the skins and cosmetics we’ve bought carry over but I’m willing to trade that for PVE being it’s own stand alone single player game. Heck I would pay 60$ for that AND by multiple copies for my consoles and Steam Deck.

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