Worst. Matchmaking. Ever


Yikes, after Blizzard laid off its staff they have to rely on community members to do their public work for them


We all do, everyone likes a challenge, but it should be done with smaller increments not 1000s of sr difference, now I use SR as an example because I cant talk about the hidden system that no one knows about. Its literally a strength concept, in order to lift more weight you need to challenge yourself by increasing that weight every other week in small increments. How do you expect to lift 150lbs today when yesterday all you could do was 100lbs?

In the long run this hurts the casual player who works a 9-5, comes home for a few games to relax and stumbles on these players. All he wants to do is play a video game my dude, not reach t500, although it would be nice.


here is a suggestion for matchmaking.
give an option to not get backfilled into games.
i got on to play today and got backfilled into a game that was already over halfway done. it was 100% a losing battle with 0 team effort going on, so i quit instead of wasting another 3-4 minutes.
i decide to wait about 5 minutes before trying to que up to avoid getting thrown right back into the same game and i instead get thrown into a different already over game as a backfill.

i would rather sit there waiting for 5minutes and not be backfilled into games that are already 5 minutes in. this just makes me not want to play at all.


The problem here is that I firmly believe a high majority of the population (including myself) would turn on such an “option”, this would result in games ending worse for all players because the matchmaker could not find suitable players to fill into. If such an option exists, matches would be canceled out and everything is sent back into the queue (as three or more leavers in a single casual match begin the “reinstancing” protocol).

Remember that in casual modes, as long as you play it out and wait for the next match to start, the game will immediately begin the next round with the same players. Again. These are casual mode issues where I personally don’t stress over because it’s a casual game, not Competitive.


then why am i getting matched with masters in qp…

it should not be like this!


You just quoted the answer why. A Masters player could be experimenting with different heroes from what they play in Competitive, they may be goofing off in Quick Play. I myself will try strategies that I would NEVER implement in Competitive. For example, I have dirty habit of going on extreme flanks as Widowmaker and spawn camp the other team forcing them to come after me instead of my team. A very high risk/low reward strategy, but it is funny as hell when I do get away with it. All in all, I personally play Quick Play to have fun one way or another and this affects my Quick Play MMR.


i understand that games might be worse without backfills, but when the match is already over halfway over, players should at least be warned and get the option to join into a late game. nobody should be forced to sit around for 2 or 3 minutes to get into a lost backfill that still has you pushing a payload for an aditional 3 minutes before you get to actually play a game.

you may not stress over them because they are not “competitive mode”, but i dislike comp and only play other modes. so it is a very real problem for people like me.

even if i do stay in for the next round, it doesnt always work out.
first of all, when im stuck into a group that has no intention of any team effort, i dont even want to be there more often than not.
secondly, more often every else quits anyways and im stuck right back at the main menu waiting for a new game again.
when that happens, i just sat through 2-3 minutes for a game, to get into a game as backfill for 2-3 more minutes as a loss, only be be sent back to wait another 2-3 minutes for a new game and hope it isnt another backfill.

there needs to at least be an option to prevent backfilling into games that are already so far in.


Your concerns and points are reasonably valid, but what solutions are there? Think about what I have said, what stops a team from trolling a winning team by leaving a match and causing it cancel making everyone’s effort playing that match a total waste? Backfilling is not the most fun experience for that player, but I see it as the better option in our game environment where options to such rules of the game are limited.


yea but its not like this… these games are one sided stomps.

  1. make leavers unable to join another game until the current game ends. should stop plenty of leavers.
    2.add a voting option to surrender as a loss to end a game early. sometimes its plainly obvious when you get the short stick of the matchmaking system and the whole team would like to end it.
  2. let backfills happen for games with an option of not backfilling into games that are already 3+minutes in.
  3. give players that are backfilling ult charge based on how long the game has already been going. its very frustrating to enter a backfill and get to the point to be instantly ulted by several enemies when you just get into the game with 0% of your own.
  4. increase the rewards for backfilling to something that actually feels rewarding for doing the dirtiest job in the game. 400xp is laughable at best.

im sure there could be more options if people put their minds to it. the main problem is that they just dont care enough.


Could you answer a question I have long been wanting to ask someone who is affiliated with blizz?

I have been wondering if the skill rating of those below diamond is too all over with comp pulling people from a pool who are within 1k sr of eachother. Do you think it would be healthy if all across the board besides t500, everyone had to be within 500 sr of one another. This creating almost new skill brackets.


I could see this happening, and I would not object it. The obstacles behind this are that they allow people to leave casual games a limited number of times because that player may be invited to a group. (Remember the devs have specifically stated and encouraged that Overwatch is best played with friends.)

The devs are not too keen about a surrender option, they rather see games played to completion. Also, the game is designed in a way no matter what the status of the game is at any moment, it is always possible to win (or in Competitive at least draw the match). Now the odds of winning or losing change as the match as the match progresses, but it never becomes impossible one way or the other.

This may not be a bad idea, but what would be fair for both teams considered? I would not object to such an idea, but I don’t see how much impact it would have in addressing your concerns about Backfilling in general.

Again, I would not object, but the game is now at a point where a portion of our community does not care about XP anymore. I sure don’t as I am max collected for all possible items in the game.

Realistically, the devs do care but most of the issues that we have addressed here have been answered. That is why I maintain the dev post directory. And anything else it does not take much to see that the best possible options within the game are already in place and unless the rules of how the game is played (for example introducing a role queue or changing how we can participate in certain modes), I don’t see the “matchmaking” from being necessarily flawed itself.


So the devs think getting spawn camped is an enjoyable experience instead of implementing a surrender option? Thats a pity.


I hope this is bait.
Level doesn’t indicate skill.
You aren’t forced to play arcade.
You don’t understand the concept of random.


I am sure the devs don’t think being spawn camped feels too good, that is why Bastion is a playable hero in the game. Aside from that scenario. I think it is important to remind everyone of this:

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20749737390#post-3


Well change the dang algorithm. It currently sucks. Hard.


I gotta hand it to you. you got people to actually LISTEN for once on the match maker system. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@wyomingmyst - Lets talk! :slight_smile:

How to fix that match maker system.

( I wrote a large idea on how to fix it, but decided to summarize)

Ultimately the player base complains that match maker is bad because of players that give up and/or leave.

  • Playertrust is NOT there ( people whom do NOT want to be que’d with new players).

  • Players that do NOT like to be placed WITH pre-made teams and have to FACE pre-made teams. Team bullying is a BIG issue this patch.


  • Individuals TIRED of Widowmaker duels and widows having to duel because two people simply CANNOT go outside of the match and settle their differences. ( I did tf2 hosting, sniper dueling became ridiculous and OBSTRUCTED matches).
  • The match ONLY selecting ONE player with HIGH ELO placed on a team, when it needs 3.


  • Someone that literally just bought an alternative account and que’d for Competitive play, only to NOT play at their best because they are using an alternate account and have NOTHING to lose. Bans on ANY level will not work. I know from EXPERIENCE that VAC no longer worked for hosting when TF2 went Free to play.

Competitive play especially suffers from this.

Since some of us cannot afford to have a smart phone ON. Verification are a BAD idea and do not even THINK for one second that people can always present a Drivers license or state issued ID, just to play competitive mode.

The competitive system will NEED a NEW over-haul where player QUALITY rating is going to have to be presented to the player themselves and be the determining factor. SR is no longer the the answer, as there are good folks whom are WILLING to try and win. The “endorsement system”. That is inaccurate because it is a popularity contest. No offense :slight_smile:

Cheers, GL , stay safe!



And ur on console. The playerbase there is practically dead.


Hey just logged in now for the first time today, first 2 games GM with high master duo stack in enemy team, got destroyed. Fun game eh?


Right now we’re playing Reaperwatch. It’s pretty common to see a reaper headroll 1v4 to 1v6, since Blizzard is ridiculous and refuses to admit they can make mistakes when balancing.