Worried for WB in 5v5

I feel like some devs are gonna use 5v5 to have Wrecking ball switched to a Dps like Doomfist.

Because Wrecking ball being a tank was already a thing Devs argued about before.

Plus there is still a lot we don’t know what they are doing with 5v5.

Curse thy silence

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Well I think they should do that too.

But if they did keep Tank Hammond

  1. They would need to make that knockback resistance passive not apply to melee-knockbacks
  2. Whenever Hammond gets TempBarrier, his teammates also get TempBarrier, regardless of where they are on the map.

Plus I should add they are adding more vertical maps with OW2.

Which Hammond is going have trouble with the way he currently is.

So he will need something in the future

Well dunno what the devs have in mind, given their only indirect comment on the subject:

“Roll eyes”

Honestly they don’t really care for DF and WB as much as they care for Tracer.

Honestly just expecting a buff that makes her the OP Dps again for OW2 release.

Because she is the Advertising


Well I got some Tracer/Genji/Doom nerfs in mind for OW2 changes.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

Hammond gets buffed by eliminating a tank.

Doubt it.

Suspect he’ll be quite strong in a 5 man dive comp. If your team wants to play extremely fast.

Frankly, he would be best work as a DPS in 5 v 5. Why worry?

Worry not friend, Warner brothers will continue to make millions regardless of OW2

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All of the people who think that Hammond should be a Dps don’t know how Hammond is supposed to be played.

His main job isn’t diving, and killing the backing. He can do that, but his size makes it harder to do so. Usually, you see Hammond set up for combos with his piledrive, or displace the enemies with his grapple, both things really defining his role as a tank hero.


If they make my main tank a freaking DPS I swear I will just uninstall the game and not ever touch it again

Then they will keep wondering why no one plays tank and they will add 1-3-2 and the queue times will still be crap.

What if I know what he’s capable of, but also know that the vast majority of the playerbase below Masters won’t follow up on those CC’s before the victims can reset.

And that’s assuming the vast majority of Hammond players below Masters are even going to attempt to coordinate with their team.

And heck, he’s rarely ever played in GM without a barrier tank to back him.

How Hammond performs less than 10% of the time, for less than 3% of the playerbase, is mostly irrelevant.

That’s more than 99% of the time that he’s functioning as an offtank.

You really think anyone’s going to go see that new Space Jam?

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Can you imagine WB with no CC since they are removing CC from DPS? He would be a joke of a hero even with a smaller model like the 4/1 ExC.

We k is his shield health he gains off enemies is changing to over health. Have it do it grants a portion to team mates within a fairly large AoE and call it done.

Heck I don’t know how they are going to rework Doomfist without his CC to keep him in the DPS category.

I don’t see how they could make large hitbox characters into DPS without making them complete garbage or must picks.

Honestly I just fail to see the impact he will have.

With faster dps, self healing supports, and an enemy tank that likely wont budge…

WB will need a huge knockback buff if anything.

That would be incredibly annoying with the lack of stuns. I don’t think people want to get ragdolled the entire match unless it had a cooldown.

(Almost all supports self healed anyway)

Oh my god please let this happen. It literally would help against the ult charge, a thing the devs said that they don’t want the game to be decided based off ultimates.

“No fat bunny no fat money”

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