Worried About BlizzCon/Future of Overwatch 2

For the past few months, ever since the pandemic happened, everything was being cancelled, delayed, etc. from E3, to GamesCom. There hasn’t been any updates about BlizzCon since the message update. It says that they are not sure yet if they are going to have a BlizzCon if I’m not mistaken. I am still quite concerned. The next gen consoles are coming out in the Holidays of 2020 and that also makes me worried about Overwatch 2 because if they come out for PS5, and Xbox Series X and not current gen consoles, I’m kind of screwed because I can’t afford a PS5 or a Xbox Series X. To this very day, people are still confused on how Overwatch 2 is going to be “another game” when frankly it’s more like an extension. Which is why I am hoping for a special Development Update involving Overwatch 2 this year. I am especially worried if the game is even being developed at all because of the pandemic and we are not sure if they stopped developing it or if they are limiting the development. 2020 is halfway through and we are about to hit 1 year since the events went to a Weekly Challenge basis because of Overwatch 2 being developed. We are eventually going to be sick of the Weekly Challenges. I was already sick of it by the time Winter Wonderland 2019 started. I don’t even know if we are going to be having a Summer Games this year or not. There’s been many questions I want to ask ever since the pandemic happened. Is Overwatch 2 going to be delayed? Is the game going to go gold this year? Will there ever be a Development Update involving Overwatch 2’s development? Every day, I’ve been hoping that BlizzCon doesnt get cancelled and hoping it goes digital if the pandemic continues in the Fall. Because I have this feeling that if we do have a BlizzCon, I know that we are going to have a release date for Overwatch 2 and I am hoping it’s in 2021. Overwatch 2 has a lot of potential to be 1 of the greatest FPS games I’ve ever played in the longest time. Especially we are finally going to have a story mode and I can’t wait to play and watch the whole thing. I am just worried because of how Blizzard is going dark of Overwatch 2 and not giving us a heads up on what they are going to do with development since the COVID-19 pandemic is going around and I don’t know if it’s affecting them or not. I just wish they would give us a notice on what’s next. Anniversary is here and we still have nothing about Overwatch 2. Another reason I’m worried is because of people being quarantined which I understand how extremely important that is but I don’t know what that means for OW2. Stay safe everybody. Even though the world is under pandemic, the world still needs more heroes. <3 I hope to hear from OW Devs about my concerns.

Overwatch 2 is not a new game. Its an expansion, it will be on xbox one and ps4. We will be having a summer game, jeff confirmed they are working on lunar new year skins right now so we can assume all events prior are complete. Tbh i dont think OW2 will be delyaed greatly. Everything that the employees do is on a computer. The only place the prob lost time is in the transition from office to home. Even if blizzcon got canceled, they would still do at home reveal stuff.


I would say that Blizz is all on board with the Quarantine hysteria, so as long as they still want to keep California a prison state, Blizzard will toe the party line and put on some virtual only stuff at the low low cost of 69.99… but hey look a skin that you will get , and everyone else will get 6 months later, ty by by

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You’re definitely right. Lunar New Year in OW2 or I’m assuming OW1 still…

I feel is necessary to be ready for a possible Delay.

This pandemic thing is truly making everyone losing the “MIND” and increasing the emotions to the limit.

Lets take easy until this is over then we can start think again about OW2 or other games!

That was funny as hell! XD

Here’s a list of all info we know. There are extra pieces here that we have learnt since Blizzcøn.

Old Blizzard is dead, get over it.

They’ll never return to their form of the 90s and 2000s.

Too many people left and it’s now a different company.

Yeah they’ll probably wait till last minute to tell everyone it’s been postponed.

Thanks so much for that, I pinned that. In that case, I take back what I said from that.