World Cup Viewer is incredible


Huge shout out to the devs and everyone involved in making the OWWC viewer possible. I’ve already been enjoying it and am going to be spending a lot more time on it.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you need to do it. You can spectate games live and watch replays where you can control the camera and everything. It’s really, really good for getting immersed in the matches as well as learning from the pros.


I’m just worried about the price tag when it leaves beta… haven’t seen them say it’ll be free in it’s full release…

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Thanks, Sk3wlbus! We’re glad you’re enjoying it so far.

We’re aware of the team-reversal issue (and are tracking a few other bugs as well) that we’re working on now.


Viewer is amazing , Ive always been curious on how professional tank / support footage looks like since commentators always tend to focus mostly on DPS players and its fantastic spectating professional matches in first person view, that is the actual overwatch perspective that we experience and enjoy, not this isometric / high ground gods view where all the action is scattered and you have no clue whats going on most of the time (cant track 12 players at the same time), which was an issue to watch even for some one as invested in the game as me.

Ill be def watching more overwatch league with this feature implemented, Rawkus and Kruise are my new heroes btw.

As a suggestion itd be great if blizzard could put the player # as a reference on top of their portraits, so you know exactly which F1-F12 key to press in order to watch them, also personally Id always have this idea of representing ultimates with completion bars instead of numbers, its hard to glance a 12 different percentages but its much easier to see which bar is the longest, I think the numeric ult% needs to go in the spectator mode for a more graphical/intuitive approach


Will the viewer and matches from the OWWC be available after BlizzCon ends?


Hi Dan,
I have a question
Is this system only available on PC? or can I use it on Console?
Many Thanks


Only PC for now mate




I made another feedback thread here: OWWC viewer feedback

My primary complaints are that the camera is far too slow and too narrow to keep up with the action, and that a lot of information cannot be seen without entering first person.


Im wondering, do you need to have the game in order to actually use the viewer? I play on console so I dont have it downloaded on pc…


If you hold SHIFT while moving I can’t imagine you believe it goes too slow LOL

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Hi NearVoid,

Yes, this is PC only for now. Jeff posted a little bit about it elsewhere that I can copy here:

Jeff Kaplan:
Unfortunately, this early version of the viewer doesn’t include any of the elements from the broadcast (commentary, play-by-play, analysis etc.). We really want to include features like that in the future.

The main goal of this world cup test is to make sure the technology works at scale and to collect feedback for future feature iterations. Seeing the requests for the broadcast incorporated is refreshing because it aligns with our instincts.
The big next steps after this test (and I really want to re-iterate that this weekend is really a test, a true beta) are:

  • make it so that the viewer does not require a separate client download
  • get it working on console
  • get replays working for individual players, not just sanctioned events (this is the really big feature that will benefit every single OW player)

All of these things are pretty large tasks but we’ve been working on them for months (some for over a year). We hope there are a lot of side benefits along the way, like the possibility of the humble beginnings of a match history once we get individual replays going. The road map is months of work so we’re trying to manage expectations. We want these features badly and we’re dedicated to making them happen. Sorry things don’t move as fast as we would all like sometimes but I am proud of how hard the team is working to make this stuff happen and believe they are moving as fast as they can considering the technical challenges before them.

Can console players use the replay system?



woops, I thought it was a toggle and assumed it was unimplemented


Viewer is very cool, good job guys, extremely smooth and easy to use. Now the only thing as you were mentioning would so great to have integration for commentary + twitch chat. Right now when I am using it I keep twitch in the background, but it would be nice to have everything integrated.


The viewer is really great. It makes a big difference for such a fast paced game where you miss a lot of interesting action when someone else is trying to grab what might be interesting. Watching a Genji ult every 15 seconds, moving so fast in first person that you can’t even see what he is killing, is not very entertaining.

Now you can monitor players that you are interested in, or a specific angle of the map and get more out of the e-sports experience. I love it.

I might watch Overwatch e-sports more often when the viewergoes live.

Really cool is also that you can just pause the game, rewind a view seconds and watch in slow motion what just happened. And then fast forward or jump to the live game.

And it seems to be stable as far as I can tell. Had a few GPU related crashes that might be driver related, but that stopped when I limited the fps.

I like it. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get implemented. Would also love it to analyze my own bad plays.


I’d love if you added commentaries to it, I have twitch running alongside it, but twitch, for me, is about 2 mins behind the viewer… So that doesn’t work so well.
I really enjoy the viewer itself tho, love that I can spectate who I want etc. Still learning all the shortcuts ^^


it was all laggy for me so i uninstalled it


My workaround to this was to use the function of the player 20 sec previous or 20 sec next to synchronize it. Press N it is on the left.


Thanks! I had to do about 3x 20 sec delays and it matched up! So thanks for the tip :slight_smile: